How to Clean and Take Care of A Tiled Floor

How to Clean and Take Care of A Tiled Floor

As a stockist of Original Style tiles, we understand that anyone who has just chosen to install a beautiful new tile floor will want to make it last as long as possible. However, it’s a misconception that keeping your tile floor clean is difficult. It’s surprisingly straightforward to not only keep your floor looking its best but also to extend its life significantly. Read on to find out how easy it is for you to care for your tiled floor.


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Cleaning Porcelain Floor Tiles

When choosing an easy to clean flooring tile, you can’t go wrong with porcelain tiles. The benefits of porcelain come from being a denser tile than most.

Made from sand and feldspar, this combination creates a more resilient is stronger and absorbs far less moisture, especially when glazed. This improved density makes the tiles harder to break and protects them from spilt liquids with its enhanced stain protection.

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There are several steps we recommend when it comes to cleaning your porcelain tiles:

Removing loose dust and dirt is the best way to start. Use a brush, vacuum cleaner or even a dry mop to remove as much as you can of the gathered dirt but be careful of using too much pressure when doing this initial cleaning as you may leave scratches on the tile’s surface.

Use warm water with a mild detergent to gently clean your tiles. Then, using a mop or sponge, you can gently clean your tiles of any remaining dirt but remember to rinse your tiles after cleaning to remove the detergent.

Cleaning Natural Stone Tiles

Not all tiles have similar maintenance requirements. For example, caring for natural stone tiles made of granite, slate or marble, you need to treat them differently to ceramic or porcelain tiles.

Traditional cleaners and harsh chemicals can be harmful to your natural stone tiles. Instead, we recommend choosing cleaners designed for the specific material your tiles are made of. When selecting your tiles from our selection, we can help you find the right cleaner by letting you know exactly what material your tiles are made from.

Granite, slate and marble tiles should be cleaned with a PH-neutral detergent. Choosing a more powerful detergent or a harsh chemical can leave discolouration and streaks on the tile.

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Avoid Eroding Your Tiles

Using strong chemicals to get better results is always tempting, but repeated use of chemicals like ammonia or bleach will eat away at the water-resistant coating on the tile and make it more vulnerable to dampness. Additionally, harsh chemicals can wear down the grout around your tiles, loosening them and further increasing the chance you’ll get damp behind the tiles.

Dry cleaning your floor can be a great help in caring for your tiles. Dry cleaning is when you vacuum or sweep your tiles. This is especially important when your exterior door is in a room with a tiled floor. Small stones or grit left behind will be stepped on and scrapped across the tiles creating scratches on the surface and permanently damaging your tiles.

Your average porcelain Grespania tiles can wait to be cleaned fortnightly, but you should try and dry clean your floor at least once a week to remove the harmful debris.

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Professional Cleaning

Cleaning your tiled flooring regularly is essential for keeping it at its best, but where that floor is may make that difficult. Cleaning your home kitchen tiles can be done quite effectively by hand, but tiled flooring in a place of business will require professional services.

Tiled floors in a place with a lot of foot traffic can accumulate dirt unfortunately quickly, especially during a time of bad weather. A professional tile and grout cleaning once a year should be sufficient, depending on how functional the space is and how often you clean it in-house.

The age of your tiles will need to be taken into account when booking your cleaning. The older a floor gets, the more regularly it will need to be cleaned. Replacing a floor will always cost more than booking a professional clean. Please don’t put off getting your tiles a deep clean otherwise, you may not get them back to their original condition.

Whether in your home or a work environment, regular cleaning is a vital way of extending the life of your floor tiles. By keeping a regular cleaning schedule and addressing any stains early, you can prevent problems further down the line.

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