Trending Tiles: Natural Materials

Trending Tiles: Natural Materials

Finding the perfect tiles for your home can often be a long process, with so many entities to consider. Whether it’s choosing one you and your partner agree on or tying in the home’s current features to showcase them further. You could even decide to use your tiles as a statement piece themselves.

Whatever your reasons and style you may be looking for, a natural style can offer you some of the best aesthetics for your home. As online tile suppliers, we understand the importance of achieving the right tone, and whilst natural stone doesn’t provide the sparkling appeal of vinyl or polished glass, it can still offer the modern straight-line feature with a little more character.

What Classes as a Natural Tile?

As you would expect, a natural tile is a raw material cut directly from stone. However, unlike ceramic and porcelain tiles, these haven’t been fired or mixed from sand into a clay-like consistency before becoming straight tiles.

A natural tile has had no manipulation other than cut to size and being potentially protected with a seal. Natural stone is all taken directly from the material, therefore requires less energy to create and can often be an eco-friendlier option than a porcelain tile, with many natural stone tiles being carbon neutral.

Grading of Natural Flooring

Natural stones come graded to describe the condition they are in. This grade helps to determine the exact nature of the tile. This helps to make an informed choice of the ideal tile for your home. It also refers to the quality of the stone. For outdoor purposes, you may not require uniformed tiles, but for applications on the interior of your home, you may want a neater and cleaner aesthetic.

Grade one tiles offer a very clean-cut appeal. They offer the best quality natural stone and are perfect for indoor uses to add a statement to your home.

Grade two tiles may have minor defects within their structure. These tiles may have uneven surfaces and even scratches, but they could offer a more authentic natural tone to your tiling.

Grade three tiles have significant defects, meaning their functionality remains purely decorative, making them ideal backsplashes with a more rustic and authentic style.

Natural Tiles for Flooring

Of course, offering your home a natural tile for its flooring is a great way to ensure that you consider the environment. These tiles are one of the best options to help keep your renovation carbon footprint down, specifically if you source them locally.

They also have a beautiful warming effect on a room when used as flooring and can often be found in kitchens, hallways and even living rooms. In addition, they stay cool throughout the summer, which can add to your home’s energy efficiency in the summer.

One of the most popular natural floor tiles is slate. With excellent stain resistance properties and its ability to handle water well, this is a suitable tile to use, especially if you intend to install underfloor heating.

Our Original Style Earthworks Greyfriars Abbey Limestone tiles are perfect for the modern style in any room. If you are looking for new bathroom flooring, thanks to the ability to resist water well, this could upgrade your floor to a contemporary and stylish piece for your home.

Natural Tiles for Walls

If you are looking for a way to incorporate stone tiles into your interior walls, you will be pleased to know that you are not alone. There has been a surge in demand for natural stone tiles to decorate walls within homes. Unlike porcelain and ceramic, they are much more robust and durable and provide a warm tone to any space. They are also low maintenance and can offer your home ease of cleaning, especially for busy families.

Natural tiles have various unique shades and choosing the right one for your room can take time. For example, within our Ca’ Pietra tiles, we can offer a range of natural tiles which can look incredible as a feature in your home. For example, our Florence Marble Mosaic Tiles can provide your home with vintage tones, which, when mixed with darker characteristics, can create a very retro-contemporary aesthetic.

Natural Stone for Outside Decoration and Flooring

The most common place to find natural tiles are in modern gardens. Their natural style offers any garden an upgrade and provides an easy-to-maintain area, ideal for the winter months. You could offer your garden a warm and Mediterranean tone with many variations of natural colours. Our Terracotta Parquet floor tiles do this exceptionally well. If your home has a white exterior, these contrast nicely, adding a welcoming appeal for guests and homeowners looking to spend their summer evenings socialising.

However, if you are looking for a more modern style for your garden, we have a great selection of outdoor floor tiles, from limestone to beautiful marble, which could add elegance and class to your garden in different ways. Our Ca’ Pietra Beaulieu Velvet Limestone tiles can accentuate any garden into one that all the neighbours desire.

Natural Stone Tiles from Tile and Stone Online

With many years of experience and a wide variety of tiles, we will be sure to find one that you will fall in love with. Whether you are looking for an easy-to-maintain home, a cosy country cottage style or a more durable material for your property, our team will be sure to help you find the perfect tile.

A tile is more than just a décor choice; it is an investment for the future of your property. You can view our full range online, including our stunning Ca’ Pietra Lily Pad and have so much confidence in the quality of our products that we offer free sample tiles to ensure that you make the best decision for your home.

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