The Tile Guide: Care, Clean, Maintain

The Tile Guide: Care, Clean, Maintain

When it comes to your home, you’ll want to enhance its design with minimal effort. That’s why, here at Kendal Tile & Stone, we’re passionate about interior design, and offer a unique range of easy-to-clean and easy-to-maintain floor and wall tile ranges that promise to provide your home with plenty of luxe, and none of the stress.




So, whether you want to reinvent your home’s style, or you want to keep your tiles shining – here are a few simple ways to maintain your home’s original tile aesthetic for years to come. Enjoy.


Basic Maintenance

Before using any cleaning products, always sweep or vacuum floors to remove any dust or debris. Damp-mop your tile floor at least once  a week, or more frequently for heavy traffic areas in order to decrease wear and abrasion from grit or soil.


For Glazed Tiles

For glazed tile maintenance, regularly clean with an all-purpose, non oil-based household cleaner, making sure that it is compatible with cleaning grout joints. Use an everyday multipurpose spray to remove soap scum, mildew or hard water deposits on wall tiles in your bathroom or shower space.


For Unglazed Tiles

For unglazed tiles, use concentrated tile cleaners that have a neutral pH for everyday cleaning. These types of cleaning products will safely remove grease, oils and normal spillages. Before using any cleaning product, always check that the cleaner is intended for the application, traffic level and use.

For glass tiles, clean gently with a nonabrasive cleaner which is recommended for glass or tile.


Tips For Preventing Damage

When it comes to protecting your tiles to their original quality, invest in high quality floor mats and protective pads under heavy furniture. It’s a great idea to place floor mats at entrances and exits, as these areas often collect and trap corrosive substances such as dirt, sand, oil and grit. Another effective way to reduce tile wear includes placing mats in high traffic areas, including in front of kitchen sinks, stoves and bathroom vanities.


What To Avoid

  • Avoid using any cleaning products which contain acid or bleach. Especially for routine maintenance.
  • Do not use wax-based cleaners or oil-based detergents, and always use sealants on grout joints only.
  • Unglazed tiles should not be cleaning with a cleaning agent that contains colour.
  • Avoid using harsh cleaning aids, such as steel wood pads or scouring pads which contain metal.




Here at Tile & Stone Online, we’re passionate about your home, and are here to help you every step of your home renovation journey; from tile design to the selection and maintenance and care of our products. We offer a unique and beautiful selection of wall and flooring materials, including our stunning porcelanosa tiles collection. So, for more information, or to speak to one of our friendly and helpful team – please do not hesitate to contact us on 01539 741 155 today!


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