10 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Tiles

10 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Tiles

As leading online tile suppliers, we understand the importance of choosing the correct tiles for your home. 

Tiled floors and walls can add character and open up space within your kitchen and bathroom, but do it wrong, and it can be a costly mistake to make.

In this blog, we’ll discuss ten things to avoid when buying tiles so that you can steer clear of mistakes and get it right the first time! 

1. Not Ordering a Sample First

Ordering a tile sample is the best way of allowing you to see the true finish, texture and colour of the tile. 

We always aim to give the best picture quality possible when we display our tiles across our product pages, though different screens and resolutions can easily affect the colour’s appearance. 

We’d recommend ordering our free tile samples online as we believe it’s the only way to ensure you get the right look.

The benefit of ordering a tile sample is that you’re able to get a real feel (literally) of what to expect rather than if you just place a full order from the get-go. This can be a huge money saver and contribute toward your overall satisfaction once you have completed your project — knowing that you have chosen the right tile for your home. 

2. Choosing Price over Quality

By opting for cheap tiles you are more than likely going to spend more on maintenance, replacements and re-laying down the line. 

Here at Tile & Stone Online, we offer an unbeatable range of high-quality tiles to suit all of your home improvement needs, ranging from wall and floor tiles to vibrant kitchen tiles and essential bathroom tiles.

3. Picking the Wrong Size Tiles

Our tiles come in a wide range of sizes and specifications, so it’s important to consider exactly what you’re looking for and how those tiles will look in the specific room.

If you need further information or recommendations from our professional team of experts, we’re more than happy to help.

Generally, we would recommend large tiles for open spaces and to create the illusion of a bigger space. Smaller rooms like bathrooms can benefit from a mixture of large floor tiles and smaller mosaic style tiles for splashbacks or features. 

Check out our blog on how to make a space look bigger with tiles

4. Not Ordering Enough Tiles

When it comes to ordering tiles, it is always recommended to order an extra 10%. This allows for miscalculations, fiddly cuts and gives you a few spares to store in case of future damage.  

Ordering a handful of extra tiles is a small cost for ensuring you have the right amount to complete your project. 

5. Failing to Plan Your Layout

Before you start fitting tiles, you need to consider the layout of the room and how you want the tiles to look (aesthetically).

By creating a rough sketch or laying a sample on the floor, you can prepare for the number of tiles needed and how many cuts need to be made.

6. Not Picking the Right Tile for the Job

Depending on whether you’re fitting bathroom, kitchen or wall tiles, you’ll want to consider the properties of the tile. For example, in a kitchen where it is a spill-zone with a lot of foot traffic, you’ll want to choose a tile that is hard-wearing, non-slip and easy to clean. 

Our ceramic and porcelain tiles offer efficiency and pon-porous properties, meaning that they are reliable and effective around areas of high water concentration such as your bathroom.

If you’re unsure about which tile is suitable for your home then please don’t hesitate to contact us and we can discuss your options.

7. Not Selecting a Tile Specialist 

Cutting and laying tiles is a specialist skill and, when done incorrectly, can lead to many problems, including leaks, trips, cracks and injury. 

You should choose an experienced tiler with professional tools to do the job correctly. While many homeowners try their hand at fitting ceramic or porcelain tiles, glass and natural stone tiles come with more complex fitting requirements. 

8. Not Considering Delivery Times

Once you have decided on the type of tile that you want to order, it’s important to consider the time and space needed for delivery. For large orders, tiles may arrive on a palette, so ensure that you have enough space on the curbside to allow for delivery.

We always ask our customers to double-check that they are happy with the delivery of the tiles. This allows us to manage any breakages or concerns at the point of delivery. 

9. Not Sealing Your Tiles 

When you choose natural stone tiles, like our Ca Pietra Limestone tiles, you should note that natural stone and encaustic tiles require sealing.

Following the installation of your tiles, you should use a high-quality impregnating sealant that will protect against fading and staining. After you have applied grout, you need to apply a second coat. Surface finishing products or a quality wax polish will also give you lasting protection. 

10. Picking an Unsuitable Grout Colour

If you want to highlight the patterns within your tiles then choosing a contrasting grout colour is recommended. However, if you want to unify your tile, then a colour that offers a close match or is a little bit lighter than your tile would be the best choice. 

When purchasing grout, you should always check that the product is suitable to use with the tile material that you have purchased, as this can cause problems down the line. 

At Kendal Tile and Stone, we always want to make sure that your home is of the best quality for you, which is why we can provide the highest quality tiles for your floor, kitchen, and bathroom.

If you want to know more about our products, please contact us today on 01539 741155, and we will be more than happy to help.


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