3 Bathroom Cleaning Hacks That Will Change Your Life

3 Bathroom Cleaning Hacks That Will Change Your Life

A lot of people would consider cleaning the bathroom as one of their least favourite household chores. Let’s be honest, scrubbing the inside of a toilet is no one’s idea of fun – it’s dirty and depressing.

It’s also the one room that people seem to put off until it really has to be done, meaning you end up spending longer in there than should be necessary.

How would you feel if we told you that we had some cleaning tips that would make your time cleaning the bathroom a lot easier, quicker and cleaner? Read on for some of our favourite cleaning hacks!

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Use a pumice stone to clean your toilet

This one sounds a tad strange, but it’s one that actually does the trick.

Sometimes we can scrub and scrub our toilets but whilst they look clean, nothing seems to remove the rust that can form. This is where this trick comes in handy.

The first thing you need to do is soak the pumice in some warm water. You need to make sure that both the stone and toilet is wet – to avoid any pesky scratches.

Once you have done this, put on some rubber gloves and start scrubbing any rust with the pumice stone. Once you have finished, flush the chain and wait to see the difference!

Cleaning your bathroom mirror with shaving cream

For those who want a clean mirror that is free from fingerprint marks or any other annoying blemishes, you need to invest in some shaving cream.

Rub the cream onto your bathroom mirror using a paper towel. You then need to wet a different paper towel and use it to rub all the shaving cream off.

It’s as simple as it sounds! Your mirror will be left looking polished for at least a week afterwards.

Mouth wash also works wonders on dirty mirrors!

cleaning the bathroom

Eggs can clean your bath

Seriously, we haven’t made this one up! Well, we mean eggshells more than the actual egg.

You need to use crushed up eggshells mixed with baking soda and give your bath a good scrub. The eggshells make a brilliant calcium power that works just like a scrubbing agent, and the baking soda works as a natural degreaser.

You’ll love the difference it makes to your tub!

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Once you have mastered the art of cleaning your bathroom so it practically sparkles, you might want to consider sprucing it up in a more creative way.

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