Robots, Technology & Tiles: How Your Bathroom Could Look in 2040

Robots, Technology & Tiles: How Your Bathroom Could Look in 2040

When we think of the future, we tend to think of the big picture; how we’ll travel, will robots do most of our work for us, and will we cure some of the world’s worst diseases, etc. But we hardly ever focus on what the future holds for our home, or our bathroom for that matter.


So when you try and imagine what your bathroom will look like in 25 years time, what do you picture? Were you thinking of Porcelanosa wall tiles? Well not quite, but if you thought that you’d be in for a more interactive experience, then you would be correct.


A couple of weeks ago, teamed up with Dr Ian Pearson, a futurologist (yep, they exist), to predict how radically our bathrooms will evolve and transform by 2025 and 2040, believing that increased connectivity through the internet will make the bathroom a more advanced and connected place than ever.

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Because of the technological feats we’ve achieved these past few years, this hardly comes as a surprise – we have watches that make phone calls after all. The first bit of robotic kit predicted to make its way to our bathrooms? Smart mirrors with chemical sensors to analyse your breath for health problems.


It’s even been said that you won’t need to head down to the doctors if something is wrong, as they will be able to see you through the use of these mirrors, performing retina scans to check up on you.


Your mirror will also virtually dress you, so you can see what an outfit looks like before you actually put it on, so if you hate it, you won’t have to go through the trouble of taking it all off. Of course, if you do like it, don’t get carried away with the poses – remember, you’ll be naked and you might accidentally call the doctor.


When it comes to tiles, they will play a very vital and interesting role in the future of your bathrooms. According to the predictions, tiles will not only make your bathroom look lovely, but will also replace weighing scales and serve as flat panel speakers!


Of course, not all of these predictions sound great, some sound, in all honesty, a little terrifying – especially once robots start getting involved. Yes, that’s right, you knew it was only a matter of time before robots made their way into our futuristic toilet rooms. Like something from a Ray Bradbury story, robots will not only be taking over cleaning duties, but it’s also thought that they’ll also be available to give you massages, apply your nail varnish and even bathe you. Yeah, no thank you.

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But hey, at least your tiles will no longer only be vital to your bathroom’s beauty, but also to your health too!


Unfortunately for now, you’ll have to make do with just the decorative aspect of your tiles. But here at Tile and Stone Online, we have some absolutely gorgeous examples. So, if you’re looking for that one stunning style for your bathroom, contact our sales hotline on 01539 741155 and speak to one of our friendly and professional team members.

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