4 Things You Should Consider Before Remodelling Your Kitchen

4 Things You Should Consider Before Remodelling Your Kitchen

There are many ways of making sure your kitchen looks stylish but before you start buying all those gadgets you always dreamed of you should take a breath and consider a few of the key issues before remodelling. A single evening making notes and reflecting on what you really want can save you so much time afterwards – and money!


New Kitchen Installation


Start Saving Early

Once you start refurbishing, no matter how detailed your budget is, things will happen – and you’ll have to face unexpected expenses. So, why not start saving from the very beginning?

There are things that you know you need. A second sink, for example, can make things a lot easier around the kitchen. Full extension drawers can also be useful as they allow you to pull them almost completely to reach items at the bottom – so your kitchen tools don’t ‘disappear’. And after installing them, you can forget about the annoying slamming!


Keep Your Old Layout

A remodel doesn’t necessarily have to mean a complete overhaul of your kitchen space. In fact, there’s nothing wrong with keeping the actual layout of the room as it is.  Taking down walls, moving gas lines, plumbing connections and electrical wires is a big step – and you shouldn’t take it lightly. In fact, for many of these things you should bring professionals into your house to confirm that the new layout is safe and effective.

Kitchen Plans


Tile Time!

Something that can really change the way your kitchen looks is changing the tiles, so why don’t you take a look to our collection of kitchen tiles?

The first important thing is colour, because you want them to complement your kitchen palette. We offer you different options, from classic black and blue to more modern colours such as caramel and cream.

If you’re looking to add something a little different to your kitchen, why not consider a patterned tile? They are a great way of breaking up plain spaces and can give your room that personal touch. On the other hand, plain tiles are perfect for a more minimalistic style, like our Timbao Black Multiuse tile which offers a slate effect.


Timbao Tiles

Also, don’t forget dimensions! If your kitchen is small, large tiles would make it seem bigger and more spacious whereas a small size is best for larger rooms.

At Tile and Stone Online we want to make sure you have the kitchen of your dreams, so don’t hesitate in contacting our friendly team with any enquiry and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more updates.

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