5 Tips for Developing Your Own Interior Style

5 Tips for Developing Your Own Interior Style

We love looking at current and upcoming trends, however that doesn’t mean that we don’t know just how important it is start to find your own style – as with fashion, the interior design in your home is an important form of self expression, so it’s important to know what you like! We also know that you probably don’t want to be redecorating every time there’s a new design trend – instead, why not use these tips to start to find something timeless that works for you? That way, embracing a new trend becomes as simple as changing accent pieces like cushions and throws.

Visit Showrooms

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This might be the best way to start getting a real feel for what you want your home to look like – visiting showrooms, even if you’re not ready to buy, can help you to not only visualise different styles, but to actually get a sense for how it will make you feel.


Build a Mood Board

When you get back home, head to a site like Pinterest and start to build up an inspiration board that contains images reflecting the different designs that you found appealing. As you start looking through the ideas people have posted, you’ll get a clearer sense of which styles are consistently attractive to you – and this will be the direction to go down.


Take Inspiration from Unexpected Sources

Whether it’s the colours and tones of your favourite movie or your favourite season, don’t be afraid to look beyond the four walls of your house to find inspiration. If you’re struggling to come up with a list of colours and patterns that makes you feel good, for instance, why not look in your wardrobe and take inspiration from your favourite fashion pieces?

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Snap Pictures

Tying all of the above tips together is one crucial activity: taking pictures of the things that inspire you! While a Pinterest mood board will allow you to keep all your inspiration from others in one place, a digital photo album allows you to return to things that hit a personal chord – so whether it’s your Nan’s kitchen or some beautiful autumn trees, these pics will become your future style guide.


Opt for Simplicity

When you’re first starting to build a personal interior style, no matter which room of your house you’re working in, go with a simple approach as opposed to statement items. This makes it far less likely that you’ll suddenly realise you’ve made a terrible mistake 6 months down the line – and as you get used to the new style, you can start to incorporate more complex (or outlandish!) pieces of furniture and décor.


Once you are sure of the direction that you want to go in, bigger choices such as floor tiles can really help to complete the room’s makeover, so don’t ignore these all important details!  Get in touch today to chat with our team about the many different options available!

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