Get Ready for a Summer Staycation

mosaic tiles in a dark and green kitchen

Get Ready for a Summer Staycation

With reports of the airport being rather hectic and packed with holidaymakers and most UK destinations claiming they are fully booked, a last-minute summer holiday may well be off the cards for many this year.

Good news has surfaced, declaring that the Summer of 2022 could be the warmest in a long time, with record-breaking dips in precipitation. This year is possibly the best to make the most of the glorious weather with a staycation at home. However, if that idea fills you with sadness, and fear of seeing the same four walls all summer is getting you down, why not get your home ready for your staycation with a bright and cheerful renovation with some incredible new styles from our extensive range of Ca’ Pietra wall tiles.

Bring the Sky Inside with Porcelain Blues

Bring some blue into your home with the incredible Ca Pietra Fondant Ceramic Blue range. These stunning blue porcelain tiles would make a beautiful statement within your home. Suitable for both walls and floors, this collection has no limitation of use.

Placing them in your kitchen as a backsplash could break up any dullness and provide your kitchen with a bold statement focal point. These tiles offer two shades of blue, allowing you to tie in as many shades as you wish. Alternatively, you could use the tiles to bring out any subtle shades in your kitchen. They would also make excellent use in the bathroom, providing an aquatic aesthetic to your setting.

Suppose you are looking for a more traditional style for a hallway or entrance. In that case, these tiles will certainly make a lasting first impression and tie in any period features of your home whilst still adding a modern injection of colour.

Encompass the Emeralds of Nature with Mosaic

Green is a colour you either love or hate, but as Ca’ Pietra stockists, we can’t help but fall in love with these Atlantis Scallop Emerald Mosaic tiles. A simple yet effective way to invite a sense of nature into your home.

The unusual shape of these tiles makes them a one-of-a-kind bold mosaic. You will not miss those beaches, with sand you will be finding for weeks later when you own a room tiled with these. Instead, consider incorporating a rainfall showerhead within a walk-in shower and tie in the look with some indoor plants, and the space could feel like a tropical rainforest from the moment you walk into the room.

If emerald still doesn’t feel like a shade which would suit your style, we have several colour options for this collection available online.

Get the Garden Ready For Endless Summer Nights Outside

Of course, the nights will be filled with drinks by the chimenea with friends and family with the predicted great weather. These porcelain floor tiles by Ca’ Pietra would make an excellent installation in any garden to improve the aesthetic.


Porcelain tiles are known for their durability whilst providing a sleek and modern style, and our Porcelain White tiles can do just that. Dance the night away on the tiles by bringing a portable speaker outdoors, playing great summer hits into the evening.

Perhaps you have purchased, or are considering buying, a hot tub for the summer. It would sit comfortable and stable on these tiles, taking the worry away from uneven terrain. In addition, they provide ease of maintenance, allowing you to keep the soil away from contaminating a relaxing evening in the bubbling waters.

Pave The Way With Pattern

Summer is when the garden is in peak bloom, and these patterned Floris Rose Porcelain tiles will bring some flower power into any room of the house.

These beautiful tiles can provide both victorian charm and a dash of colour. They would make a perfect statement within your hallways or at the entrance to your home. The colour can stand on its own merit or contrast other bold and bright colours the room may already feature. They are also an excellent choice for porcelain kitchen tiles, complimenting a white kitchen or helping to showcase traditional dark woods with simplicity, making the kitchen a room to be proud of.

A Reason to Stay Home This Summer

As online tile suppliers, we know that having a home to be proud of will give you enough reason to staycation this year. Not only will it provide you with an inviting space to enjoy as a family or with friends, but making improvements to your home can be a wise investment too. In the current housing market, the sellers are at a significant advantage, so any enhancements could add value to your home, should you wish to sell.

If you choose to staycation this summer, make sure your home is ready for it. With our large variety of tiles for indoor and outdoor walls and floors online and offering free tile samples, you can try them before making any purchase.

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