How to Create an Amazing Kitchen Diner

How to Create an Amazing Kitchen Diner

The modern home is a space-saving endeavour; increasingly it is becoming a necessity for homeowners to make the most of any space restrictions they may face. One way to do this is to combine the kitchen and dining space, moulding two rooms into one to create a modern space that suits your needs whilst conserving valuable space.

A kitchen diner offers many options for a stylish home and, depending on your personal tastes, these can vary wildly as to your implementation. But there are a number of core ideas you can use to create the perfect kitchen diner for your home.

Open Space

Elegant Kitchen in New Luxury Home

Having an open plan kitchen diner can be a fantastic way to create the illusion of space. It makes the kitchen feel less cramped and confined in most cases, but it also means that there is an added opportunity for a kitchen island in the centre which can add a world of storage space for all of your appliances. Open space is a key tenent of modern interior design in 2016 and a useful trend to follow if you are struggling for space.


Family mealtime at home

A kitchen diner should be complementary; the colours shouldn’t be a harsh contrast, but a soft transition from one to the other. A classic way to achieve this is by having a tiled finish to the kitchen wall, which transitions into a solid painted wall as it extends into the dining area of the space. This clearly defines the two areas without the need for an actual separating wall.

Incorporate Your Garden

Interior view of dining area next to big windows

Brightness and nature are the perfect accompaniments for any meal. Arranging your dining set to make the most of your home’s views into the garden is the best way to make this a reality; it is also a simple way to make the room feel bigger.

Another way to achieve the illusion of more space in an open kitchen is, of course, by use of the classic decorative mirror. Incorporating both may seem like too much in some spaces, but if you have the wall space for one it can be a great parallel to the garden window and a way to reap the benefits of the natural world on both sides of the room.

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