Rustic Bedroom Ideas

Rustic Bedroom Ideas

Rustic interior design is all about making a space cosy and comfortable. With rustic design in your bedroom, you’ll always feel relaxed – like you’ve just returned to a plush ski chalet high in the Alps after a long day of skiing, or are retreating to a comfy lodge on a ranch.



Not sure where to start when it comes to making your bedroom a rustic hideaway? Simply use these five ideas.

1. Incorporate Lots of Wood

The rustic look generally relies on the presence of lots of wood. Ideally, there will be exposed beams, but you can also add wood to your bedroom with bedframes, side tables and night stands made from natural logs. Go for raw, natural wood and avoid painted wood if you want to ensure your décor looks rustic.


2. Choose Lighting Carefully

When it comes to lighting, you’ll want to create a soft, warm effect. This is best achieved with natural light – think large windows and skylights – and with wall lights and floor lamps, rather than one central bright light hanging from the ceiling.

cozy bedroom interior with book and reading lamp


3. Use Natural Textiles

A rustic bedroom is all about comfort and warmth, and textiles offer these qualities in abundance. Choose a combination of high-quality wool, burlap, linen and woven textiles to add character to your room. These kinds of fabrics in the form of curtains, bedding, throws or rugs can make a room feel much cosier – you’ll soon be wanting to curl up in your new textiles with a good book and a glass of your favourite tipple!


4. Include Neutral and/or Warm colours

Stay away from bright and vivid colours. A rustic palette should contain earthy, neutral tones such as beige combined with browns, or perhaps a little red or burnt orange. Wood or neutral shades should make up most of your room, with touches of the other colours found in textiles and furnishings.

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5. Mix up Textures

Another essential part of the rustic look is about playing with textures. Try teaming up different textures to create balance and contrast throughout the room. You could pair a brown leather chair with a dark red, fluffy cushion. Or you could opt for a tiled floor teamed with warm-coloured, comfy, fuzzy rugs.


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