Turn Your Bathroom into a Wet Room

Turn Your Bathroom into a Wet Room

Whether your bathroom is in need of restoration, or you just fancy redecorating, one option to consider is transforming your bathroom into a wet room. Wet rooms are up and coming in the world of interior design and come with plenty of benefits including adding value to your home!

Wet rooms are usually built with an open shower design and are incredibly sleek and stylish as they are often paved with tiles from top to bottom. The other great thing about wet rooms is that anyone can have one! You don’t have to have a specialised space – bathrooms of all sizes can be turned into a shower room. Here are just some of the reasons why installing a wet room might be an impressive addition to your home.


Interior, modern bathroom

Chic design

Wet rooms are undoubtedly stylish with their spa-like and seamless design. It’s perfect for creating a modern, contemporary look with neutral tiles and elegant bathroom fixtures. Natural colours work brilliantly in wet rooms as they are simple but effective; brands such as Villeroy and Boch would be ideal as they benefit from natural tones and textures which help to brighten rooms and make them look more spacious.


Easy to clean

With tiles paved all over the room, a wet room is extremely easy to clean. Wet rooms eliminate the need for shower trays, and sometimes even a shower door, so your space automatically looks bigger and less cluttered! There are fewer nooks and crannies of shower fixtures which can harbour a build up of bacteria over time and they require little maintenance, especially if you choose a wall hung sink which will give you a clear floor space.


Easy access

Shower rooms and wet rooms can also be built with the less able in mind. People with limited mobility would definitely benefit from the layout of a wet room, as the lack of shower tray means that there is less chance of tripping over the lip of the shower tray, and instead wheelchairs can manoeuvre easily without any obstructions.

Bathroom, classic design

Start from scratch

Having a wet room build into your home gives you the chance to completely redecorate your bathroom without having to stick with old carpets, tiles and wallpapers. A wet room can completely change the aesthetic of your home and the feature is highly regarded in the housing market. You can even have under-floor heating installed in the process which will feel keep your feet warm as well as helping to dry out wet porcelain and ceramic tiles.

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