Bathroom Lighting Ideas and What to Avoid

Bathroom Lighting Ideas and What to Avoid

The bathroom is a very private space – somewhere you can lock yourself away from the rest of the world and relax in peace and quiet. At Tile and Stone Online, we can help you achieve the look you want with a huge range of tiles. And once you’ve created your ideal space, be sure not to ruin it by making some of these common bathroom-lighting mistakes.


Focus on the Task

The bathroom mirror is where you need to focus on proper task lighting so you can see yourself clearly. Most people make the mistake of adding a light to the top of the mirror, which casts shadows from your forehead over your eyes, nose and chin. It’s incredibly unflattering and ageing, and makes it difficult to shave properly or accurately apply make-up. Instead, opt for lights on either side of the mirror – either elegant sconces or Hollywood-style exposed bulbs.

Bathroom LED Lights

An All Over Wash

Not in the bath, but with your lighting. A gentle background fill of all-over ambient light from low wattage spots can enhance task lighting without being too garish and glaring. Keep it soft – you don’t want to be lying in the bath looking straight into a bright, recessed spotlight. If spotlights won’t work in your bathroom, try elegant flush-mounted light fixtures.


Try a Chandelier

A decorative pendant light might not be the main light source in the bathroom, but it can add plenty of wow-factor to the area – particularly if you go bold and over the top with your fixture. If you have room, incorporate more than one pendant, but be careful – don’t let the decorative lighting dominate. Think very carefully about proportions and your overall scheme.

Modern bathroom with wood accents and large copper sink

Add Sparkle

Everybody loves candles in the bathroom, and they add real sparkle with a soft and understated glow. You can’t go wrong with candles in a bathroom, but sometimes less is definitely more.

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