2020 Bathroom Design

2020 Bathroom Design

New decade, new bathroom? If you’re keeping your bathroom fashion-fresh, then this is the article to help you revitalise your bathroom. In this blog, we’ll be talking about tiles, colours, keeping it clean and the impact of smart technology.



2020s tiles are all about geometry. If you can find a tile with an interesting shape in a few different colours and turn it into a mesmerizing feature wall, then you’ve succeeded in achieving the fresh style for the decade. You can make your choices stand out even more from your peers by thinking carefully about the type of grouting that you use with your tiles.

Grout can come in all kinds of colours and can significantly augment the appearance of your tiling. For example, if you really want to make your new white tiles pop, then you should consider choosing a darker shade of grout – perhaps even black grouting. You may also be interested in choosing a darker shade of grout if you struggle with mould in your bathroom, as it will look less unsightly on grouting that is intentionally dark.

On the other hand, without the clear visual reminder to clean your bathroom, you will have to keep to a schedule to ensure that your bathroom remains hygienic and mould free.

black and white tiled bathroom


This has been a developing trend for a while now and the smart house is still on the rise. You might wonder how smart your bathroom could become, given that the general rule for a steamy bathroom is to avoid keeping electronics in there – however – you should consider investing in a humidity meter.

A humidity meter is a smart way to deter mould in your home but is especially useful in areas which are routinely damp. If you’re loathe to leave your window open during showers or baths in the winter because you don’t want the cold air to seep in while you’re using the room, then a humidity meter can help you to understand how long it takes for the steam to leave the room if you open the window when you’re done.

A humidity meter is a very functional addition to make your bathroom smart, but we’re sure that you will also be interested in smart features that add a bit of luxury to your life. Demisting mirrors with LEDs are a man’s best friend for those who only remember to shave after they’ve stepped out of the shower. With a demister mirror, you can kiss the fog goodbye and continue with your grooming routine.

Our favourite smart feature for bathrooms, however, are temperature indicating LED shower heads which change colour depending on the temperature of your water. They’re like a loading bar for your shower, telling you when the water is just right for you to step into.

a beige bathroom with lovely design


The future is smart, but it’s also green. Inviting a few plants into your bathroom will help you to relax during long soaks in the bath, and they’ll also help to soak up a bit of that bathroom humidity so they may even help you to keep your bathroom clean. On the other hand, the plants themselves will need some maintenance so it’s up to you whether you want to add them to your list of things to check on a weekend. Choose your bathroom plants wisely and take care not to overfill the room with large-leaf species.

 biophillic bathroom


If you want to keep your new bathroom looking new, then you need to follow these rules:

–          If you have more than two bottles of shampoo, or conditioner, or soap, cluttering up your bathroom, you need to regift them, donate them or dispose of them. Nothing ages a room more than clutter.

–          If you’re struggling with space, you should opt for a corner sink.

–          More than two colours of paint or any kind of busy pattern may also feel like unnecessary clutter. For small bathrooms or regularly untidy bathrooms, you’ll want to pay keen attention to this.

–          You can make a small dark coloured bathroom work if you use glossy textures that help to reflect light.

super cool bathroom with a kite shaped bath

Our Grespania tiles will help you to craft your perfect bathroom. Our tiles are high-quality and easy to clean, and our customer service is impeccable. Speak to us for more information about any of our prices or to order your tiles today.

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