Timeless Uses For Metro Tiles

Timeless Uses For Metro Tiles

Ideas for interior design can be endless, and it can often seem a difficult and daunting task deciding on the finished product. From photographs to magazines, there seems to be inspiration for interior designs everywhere. Metro tiles are fast becoming a favourite with home designers.


Combining fashion with function, their versatility makes them a perfect choice for all kinds of interior design themes. Let’s take a look at these timeless uses for metro tiles you could use for your home.


White tiles


Kitchen Combinations


Many dream of having a kitchen that looks like it’s come straight out of a magazine. However, as the domestic space is the central hub of the house, it can make the area vulnerable to dirt, water marks, or stains – but with the use of clean, contemporary metro wall tiles, they are the perfect choice for preventing lasting blemishes. Take a look at our range of ceramic metro tiles which are great for a glossy kitchen splashback.


Bathroom Walls


Practicality is a factor to consider when designing the interior of bathrooms due to the wet conditions. Interior design is all about combining powerful aesthetics with the rooms demands, and with a beautiful range of waterproof tiles, the bathroom is the perfect room for this.


Tiles are a stylish and logical choice for this type of environment, and easy-to-clean metro tiles make it simple to have a bathroom that gleams. With colour, neutral tones are great at reflecting natural light in these smaller spaces – and metro tiles are perfect for this as their colour is often associated with cleanliness.


Feature Walls


Metro tiles make it easy to bring some urban cool into your home, and whether you’re covering a large wall entirely, or adding a contemporary twist to your home with a glossy flashback, the broad spectrum of colours available means the options are endless, so it’s all about your personal preference!


If you’re looking at creating a dramatic feature wall, you can consider playing around with your use of colour, and with options from bold black to bright white, and every shade of grey, you can ensure that your room commands the attention of guests by designing your walls in bold colours.


Kitchen wall tiles texture background


Get Creative With Your Metro Tiles


With the versatility metro tiles bring, they give the option for numerous creative designs. Here are some ways to get creative with metro tiles;


  • Straight metro tiles – this is one of the most common features of tiled walls and floors, and is a simple alternative to brick bond tiling.
  • Vertical metro tiles – although horizontal layouts are more traditional, a vertical arrangement of tiles can provide a more contemporary design, drawing the eye upwards in your bathroom.
  • Mix vertical and horizontal – this is an option for those who want to try something different, and a mixed pattern could be a perfect option!
  • Mix with wood – ever thought about using metro tiles with natural products such as wood? The contrast between the shiny look of metro tiles with the warm tones of wood is beautiful, and by playing around with different combinations, you could find something that matches your style.


Tiles are limitless with what you can create with your design. Here at Tile and Stone, we offer an unbeatable range of metro tiles to suit your home improvements. For more information on what we offer, get in touch with a member of our team today who are happy to help.

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