5 Creative Ideas Using Tiles

5 Creative Ideas Using Tiles

Tiles are a wonderfully durable and stylish way to update practically any room in your home. They can be used to add texture, colour and patterns to a room in your chosen style, not to mention creating a wonderfully hygienic surface that can be easily cleaned and maintained.

If you don’t know what to do with tiles in your home, or you’re just looking for a bit of inspiration, here are five creative ideas for how to use tiles in your home.

Repeating Pattern

You may think that overusing the same tile pattern could make a room look too busy or overly repetitive, but when this idea is used creatively, it can create a truly stunning look. Consider the kitchen. You could match the same tile pattern on the floor with that used for a splashback, tying these two elements together. A stunning tile pattern will draw the eye outward, so if you have a small kitchen, it can help it look bigger than it is.

By using the same pattern in two different, distinct spots, you’ll create a wonderfully interesting visual effect. You could also use tiles to create a rug effect in a hallway and repeat the same pattern on the walls or create a more cohesive looking bathroom with repeating floor and wall tiles.

Interior of a modern house, gray bathroom, tiled walls and white ceilingContrast Patterns

If you want to create a visually exciting space, contrasting patterns can give a unique look for your home. You can break up your bold or colourfully tiled surface with a more subtle tile pattern to help draw the eye. Consider a geometric, bright tiled floor for your bathroom, contrasted against neutral, simple tiles used for shower walls and around the toilet.

Plain white tiles on the walls may seem simple, but when paired with a truly unique and stunning patterned tile for the floor or one section of the wall, it can create a striking look for your room. Better still, should you want to update your floor tiles or furniture in the future, you won’t be limited by colour and style options, as your neutral wall tiles will suit just about anything.

Contrasting bathroom tilesIndoors to Outdoors

If you have a patio outside attached to your kitchen or living room, consider creating a feeling of continuity with floor tiles. Lay down tiles inside and continue the same tiles into the outdoors for your patio. This is a fantastic way to make your room look much larger as the eye is drawn beyond the walls to the outdoor space. Create a genuinely cohesive look for your home where your patio feels like an extension of the indoors with beautiful, large floor tiles.

Outdoor tilesLayers and Texture

You may have been resistant to tiles in the past because you find them cold or flat, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Many tiles have wonderfully raised textures that can bring some real warmth to a room. Tiles can also be placed on multi-levels with split surfaces, perfect for creating a feature wall or a focal point in a room.

The change in texture on a wall can add a lot of depth to a space, giving the room a warm feel. If you think tiles can just be placed flat, which makes them fade away into the background, you need to look at our extensive range of wonderfully textured tiles available.

Textured tilesDefine Spaces

Do you have a studio flat or a home with a lot of open-plan space? Well, it can sometimes be tricky to know where one room begins and another ends in these kinds of homes. This is where floor and wall tiles can help.

Tiles can be used in large open plan spaces to help reinforce and define specific areas. Use tiles to create makeshift designated areas, such as a particular pattern to the kitchen that is then reinforced by the same tiles used for the splashback. Tiles can also be used to create a rug effect, which makes an excellent addition for a hallway or doorway to create a cut-off point for when you step over the threshold into your home.

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