Top Ways to Use Tiles to Update Your Kitchen

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Top Ways to Use Tiles to Update Your Kitchen

Is your kitchen starting to look a little tired? If the answer is yes, then you might want to consider replacing or redesigning some of your current features with our tiles. This guide will teach you how you can use tiles to achieve a sleek, modern kitchen with style.


Open Plan Space Suggestions

Open plan kitchens are still very trendy, but it’s becoming more popular to define how particular spaces are used within an open plan through shelving, tiling, and colour. For example, you might want to suggest the end to the kitchen space by using different kitchen floor tiles in this area.

Alternatively, you might want to use a different coloured tile around a breakfast bar to suggest space, use, and style.


Feature Walls

If you are not looking to overhaul your current kitchen design, and you only want to spruce it up a little, then a feature wall might be the addition that you are craving. A feature wall is made up from a selection of unique tiles, designed to draw the eyes of you and your guests towards the most stylish aspects of the room, and away from any of the more tired-looking features.

To create a feature wall, first, choose a wall with good lighting that stands out. Next, consider the colours that your kitchen is currently using, then choose tiles that accentuate those colours. You may want to choose from a selection of Turkish designs, or mix and match some simpler designs to create a beautiful amalgamation of tiles.


Epic Splashbacks

Similar to a feature wall, an epic splashback is both functional and artistic. Making it much easier for you to remove cooking grease from around the hob. Like a feature wall, a tiled splashback may use tiles with bold, intricate designs, or focus on a kitchen’s accent colour to make the hob area pop with colour.

If you are implementing both a feature wall and an epic splashback, you might want to co-ordinate the designs to ensure that your kitchen doesn’t feel too busy.


Breakfast Bar Styles

A breakfast bar is perfect for those quick meals between moments when there isn’t enough time or reason to set a proper dining table. It’s a quick way to keep everyone sociable and dish food up quickly all from the kitchen area.

There are a lot of ways you can use tiles to accentuate your breakfast bar. You could tile the space directly surrounding the base of the breakfast bar in a different type of floor tile, or you could get more crafty and tile the sides and surface of your bar instead for a more unique image. This can work if you want the breakfast bar to be the focus of your kitchen.

Breakfast bar in beautiful kitchen

Bold and Two-Tone Colour Schemes

If you are considering repainting or retiling your kitchen more substantially, going for a bold, or two-tone colour scheme can go a long way towards freshening up your interiors. Bold colours are very much in fashion at the moment, and two-tone colour schemes display a level of modern elegance and geometry that is very pleasing.

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Small Kitchen Tips

For a small kitchen, space saving facilities, great lighting, and large tiles are the way forward. Getting a rack for your most popular pots and pans will free up a cabinet or two to hold more or to be swapped out for a more useful item like a dishwasher or freezer.


Big Kitchen Tile Tips

In a large kitchen, you want to maximise functionality and style. Ensuring that the most useful kitchen features are available to you. Large sinks, open and uncluttered surfaces, and a breakfast table are all must haves for a large kitchen. Turn it into a space that you will love to spend time in. Consider using cabinets that can display your best crockery or cakes.

When designing a large kitchen, you want it to feel spacious, but not empty. With so much space and so much potential, it is even more important to ensure that further additions to the space are in line with the current theme. It can be much easier to lose track of what shade your accent colour should be when it needs to appear across a larger range of items.

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