Most Common Bathroom Design Mistakes

Most Common Bathroom Design Mistakes

The thought of redesigning your entire bathroom can sometimes feel extremely overwhelming. A good bathroom makeover could add value to your home, but what happens if it goes wrong? It’s extremely easy to make big mistakes when you don’t carefully plan it out beforehand.

If you’re looking to redesign your bathroom, we suggest you avoid making the following mistakes…



Poor Lighting Choices

Lighting in a bathroom is very important, especially in bathrooms that don’t have any natural light from windows. Poor lighting can make the room appear small and unwelcome – therefore it’s something that should be carefully considered during the planning process. If you do have windows you should make the most of the natural light that you do have, otherwise you can fake it with mirrors and well placed lights throughout the room.


Lack of Storage

If you don’t invest in proper storage for your bathroom, you’ll find yourself hiding bottles and towels wherever you can physically fit them. If you’re designing a sleek and modern bathroom, having toothpaste and shampoo bottles cluttered around the room is going to ruin the style you’re going for. Choose furniture that offers you plenty of storage space! Be as creative as you like with your storage choices – we suggest making the most of your vertical space!

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No Ventilation

Having a good air flow in your bathroom is essential when it comes to your redesign plans – this will prevent it from steaming up! How are you going to ensure that air moves freely around the space that you have? Most people will be able to use their windows for this purpose – a window that can open freely is the ideal solution. However, for those without a window, you will have to build a ventilation system. Your plumber should be able to give you advice on building regulations when it comes to building in fans and extractors.


Too Trendy

There is nothing wrong with wanting a modern and trendy bathroom, but you should be careful with how “trendy” your design actually is. A lot of people find that their bathroom looks good for a few years but then suddenly becomes dated yet again when new trends become the “in thing.” This isn’t ideal for those looking for something with a little more longevity. We suggest choosing something that is modern but a little more classic. Choose tiles that will still look amazing in 10 years time. You can choose more trendy accessories if you wish, as this can easily be swapped and changed along the way.

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