Grespania Tiles: Continuing the Grand Spanish Tradition

Grespania Tiles: Continuing the Grand Spanish Tradition

If you’ve been looking to really kit out our house with super high-quality tiles, chances are you’ve been considering Grespania tiles. But who are Grespania, and what does Spain have to do with tiles anyway?

Azulejos, Artists and Architects

Believe it or not, Spain has a pretty long tradition of using ceramic tiles to give building interiors and exteriors a seriously beautiful look. Perhaps you’ve heard of azulejos, or perhaps you’ve seen them on a visit to the country. They’re the glazed and painted tiles that adorn all types of buildings, from churches and palaces, to restaurants and schools.


What you may not know is that the tradition of using these tiles stretches as far back as the 13th century. So when it comes to ceramic tiles, the Spanish know a thing or two about getting it right. In fact, the use of these tiles has been pretty near-constant since their introduction from Arabia. It began as an effort to mimic the famous mosaics produced by the Romans, before it grew. And grew. And grew. Right up to the modern-day, azulejos have been adapted, updated, tweaked and tailored to please new audiences by artists and architects alike.


Following in the Footsteps

So really, when you think about it, Grespania, who manufacture first-class floor and wall tiles from their base in Castellon, Spain, are simply following in the footsteps of these pioneers. Castellon itself is a region that’s rich with tile-making heritage, which makes it the perfect home for Grespania. The area is essentially the Silicon Valley of the tile world – only with less coding and more ceramics.

The company was founded back in 1976 – not a decade usually considered particularly stylish, but Grespania bucked the trend by focussing, first and foremost, on quality. That quality encompasses not only the materials used, but also the methods employed in crafting them, using cutting-edge technology. It even extends to the inspired designs, which make them ideal for those looking for a bit of aesthetic pizzazz in their home.



It not simply those reasons which make Grespania tiles the outstanding choice, though. Their tiles aren’t simply made to look pretty; they’re created with a knowledge that they need to withstand a bit of rough-and-tumble in the home. That’s why there’s also a major focus on producing hard-wearing, durable tiles that’ll take on the wear-and-tear of life and still look fabulous.

If you think Grespania tiles may be just what you need to bring your floors and walls to life, then we’re on hand to help. As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of this impressive tile brand, we’d be delighted to provide the perfect route to your interior design dreams. All you need to do is contact us on 01539 741 155 and our professional team will be happy to assist with your enquiries.

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