Creative Cut Offs- How to Recycle Excess Tile

Creative Cut Offs- How to Recycle Excess Tile

So, you’ve redesigned you bathroom or kitchen and it look fantastic! Great job! But, have you noticed the growing pile of excess tile that you think you will never use again? Stop! Put the bin bag down!


There’s lots of ways in which you can recycle your off cuts and excess tiles, so don’t jump the gun and follow us as we discover how you can use your unused tile to make some pretty creative items!

Mirror Frames


Why not incorporate your bathroom or kitchen mirror into the design of your room by giving it a frame made from the same tiles used for the walls or floor?

Mosaic Wall - iStock_000041085880_Medium

Breaking the tiles up and arranging them around your mirror will create an attractive frame for your mirror that ties the mirror directly into the interior design of the room. You can also paint the tile shards to add a splash of colour if you feel it is necessary.


A Canvas


If you have large tiles left over, creating a canvas for art is an excellent way to re-use your tiles. The tiles don’t have to be square; the quirkier the better!

Cup Painting - iStock_000009570954_Medium

This canvas allows you to create some amazing art work that you can hang around your home, or give away as gifts, and is definitely better than wasting perfectly good tile by throwing it in the bin!




Tiles are perfect for use as a coaster for hot and cold drinks. Just like the canvas idea, you can create your own design, or simply use the natural material to add an element of nature into your room.

Beer coasters

You can create a mosaic pattern using smaller pieces of tile, or simply paint a design on top. If you are going to paint your tile coaster, you may need to waterproof your tile to ensure that the paint doesn’t run when it gets wet and stain your mugs.


Table Tops


Do you have a table that is looking a bit worse for wear? Whether it’s from a lot of use or simply old age, why not give it a boost by creating a table top made from your left over tiles?

mosaic table stone at coffee shop in garden

This update will give your table a whole new lease of life and make it look like a brand new piece of furniture. Vintage and retro style is extremely popular right now, and what better way to incorporate this style than creating a unique piece of furniture with a stylish vintage feel to it using your left over tiling.


Plant Pot Decoration


Why not take your left over tile back out into nature? Decorating your plant pots with a tile mosaic creates an attractive, unique focal point in your garden or home, as well as uses up some of your excess tile.

Mosaic Plant Pot - iStock_000034694258_Medium

Breaking up the tile into smaller pieces gives you more freedom with the design, and again, painting the tile can add a splash of colour if it is required. A garden is meant to be colourful, and what a perfect way to keep colour around even in the winter months when the flowers aren’t blooming!


All you need to decorate your plant pots is a little adhesive and a bit of imagination!


At Tile and Stone Online, we love seeing how tile can be incorporated into different uses and designs. We are leading providers of a wide range of tiles, including Grespania and Porcelanosa tiles, and would love to see what our customers come up with when re-using their off cuts and spare tiles.


Long gone are the days where excess tile is primarily used for repairs, as the tiles that we provide are extremely durable. With very little repair work required, it’s a shame to waste all the off cuts and left over tiles and we hope that we’ve given you some inspiration when it comes to recycling your tiles!


For more information on any of our tiles, contact us today by calling 01539 741155 and have a chat with one of our expert team members.



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