Moroccan Inspiration for Your Home

Chefchaouen village in Morocco

Moroccan Inspiration for Your Home

Your home may look the best it has ever been, but you may think things like ‘Oh, I wish I could include that in my home’, or ‘What would my home look like if I added this?’


Styles and other influences from cultures around the world can spark these questions in an instant, and if there’s one type of style/culture that people always want to try and encapsulate, it’s Moroccan interiors. Here are a few things that truly define the Moroccan interior style and a few ways you can implement them in your home.


Bright Colours


Moroccan interiors involve lots of colours that range from bold and vibrant to subtle and quiet. The colours tend to reflect the desert sands and the terracotta houses that are associated with it or the colours of the ocean to counteract the hot weather.


A great example of this is the village of Chefchaouen at the edge of the Rif Mountains in Morocco; the town’s houses are all painted blue, reflecting peace and serenity while in the scorching temperatures. The same goes for inside your home; you can add colour to the walls or invest in colourful décor to get the same results.


Chefchaouen village in Morocco


Intricate Designs and Features


This is particularly important to Moroccan architecture and interior design, and even for Spanish architecture. The most impressive of them all is known as zellige, which is commonly referred to as mosaic, and it is tilework that is made of individual geometric tiles that are chiselled by hand and placed onto a plaster base.


This interior design is found across Morocco and is common in the cities of Fes and Meknes. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t get it anywhere else. You can use standard mosaic tiles and arrange them in such a way that you can recreate this Berber and Moroccan masterpiece.


Architecture in Morocco with zellige, or mosaic, design

Textiles and Ornaments


Textiles, such as fabrics and dyes, are very common in Morocco; some of the world’s most diverse rugs and interior features, such as furniture protectors, tablecloths, and drapes, have been created in the North African nation.


Other pieces of décor that are common in Moroccan interior design include lanterns made from brass or copper, metalwork such as vases, and Moroccan crockery, such as tagine dishes that are painted and glazed.


Why not incorporate these authentic pieces of Moroccan design into your home? Every piece has a story behind it, and it is a great way to conversate with people, especially when you can discuss the cultural influences within your home.


These are some of the things that you can incorporate in your home, or you can use the designs you already have and manipulate them in such a way that you can create your own designs while using the Moroccan influence. For example, if you invest in some mosaic tiles, you can create your own zellige design in your kitchen or living room.


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