Get Creative: How to Repurpose Left Over Tiles

Get Creative: How to Repurpose Left Over Tiles

Having leftover tiles can be a pain; where do you put them and what can you do with them? With all the leftover tile you have, by adding some creativity – you can create statement pieces that will add some flair to your trendy home.


Repurposing leftover tile is just as good for the environment as it is for your homes overall design. By preventing throwing the excess tiles away, you are ‘’upcycling’’ them into something you will use on a daily basis. You are only bound by your own creativity when it comes to using old tiles to create décor accents.


Whether you are going for a sophisticated or eclectic look using grespania or original style tiles, here are some ways you can turn extra tile into functional design elements for your home.


Blue trencadis mosaic


Create Coasters


A popular use of left over tiles is to convert them into coasters. With your own style and creativity, these will be your personal and unique design. You can incorporate your favourite images onto small, plain tiles for the easiest DIY coasters!


Customize Your Kitchen


This is a high-impact way to dress up your kitchen. You can adhere your choice of tiles to a panel of medium-density fibreboard, creating whatever design you wish.


Address Visitors


This is a great idea for when announcing your home to visitors, you can use leftover tiles as house numbers, putting your own design in them. These tiles will look amazing next to the front door.


Garden Walkway


Think of the exterior of your home as well, you can walk on tile in your house, so why not in your garden? You can step around with ease by placing tiles in a pattern that fits your natural gait, adding some extra beauty to your garden.


Paver with marble plates


Revamp Tables and Islands


Leftover tile can add the perfect touch to an underwhelming piece of furniture. By overhauling the top of a table or island, you’ll have creative control in executing your dream accent piece. If you used multiple style of tile within your home, you can do the same for your table top, or you can go with one colour – whatever matches your personal style.


Creative Panels


If you have an eclectic home, this cracked tile DIY fits in well. By smashing up old, colourful tiles and gluing pieces onto the panels in your home, it creates a subtle and colourful touch of your own design.


Frame A Mirror


Use leftover tiles to transform your mirror, by hanging small and colourful tiles around it. This easy method allows you to add your own creativity to your mirror.


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