Top Tile Trends of 2018 So Far

Top Tile Trends of 2018 So Far

Bathroom tiles and finishes can make or break an entire bathroom’s style, and with so much bathroom tile inspo everywhere, it can be difficult to choose just what trend and theme you want to go with.

We are already half way through 2018 and the interior design industry hasn’t been wasting any time.

Homeowners and designers alike have been rushing to partake in some of the year’s biggest tile trends, and there’s no signs of slowing down. Have you managed to implement any of these into your stunning interior design? If not, there’s still chance! But first things first, just what are they?

Mixed Materials

Natural and industrial looks are both incredibly prominent right now and have been all year. There are plenty of mixed-material themed tiles floating around, ranging from concrete effect to wood effect tiles and even marble effect, and these are making incorporating this theme easier than ever.

Whereas once upon a time when it came to natural themed tiles you would have settled on one style, for 2018 it has been obvious that this conventional trend has been broken. Now you can get creative and mix and match, especially when it comes to wall tiles.

Metallic Tones

Over the last few years this trend has become increasingly popular, but in the last couple of months it has catapulted as a trend to the top of the ladder. Embracing metallic tones and a more industrial look is what every designer and homeowner is opting for, and it’s clear to see why!

Including striking coppers, brasses, and other characterful metals into your interior spaces shifts the entire tone of the room and can drag your tired and dated interior into the twenty-first century. They are perfect to incorporate into your tile placement and make for an ideal splashback, feature tiled wall or even a tiled space in a bedroom or dining area.

Combining Matt and Gloss

When you get creative with your tiles and mix and match from the same range, we tend to choose different colours in the same finish for continuity. However, this trend took a unique twist from the norm this year and made us break the boundaries; combining matt and gloss finishes in the same colour.

This trend has created a whole new aesthetic and a stylish one at that. The results are extremely lavish and with the way the light bounces off the combination is simply dreamy. The shimmer of gloss in the contemporary design is simply irresistible.

Unique Patterns and Formats

We know that wood effect tiles and other natural themed tiles are a hot topic, but the formats in which they are presented continue to surprise us – certainly with new trends. The conventional rules of laying tiles is long gone and the way we are expressing our creativity through tiles is now keeping our interiors fresh and exciting. We are talking ‘rug’ areas, chevrons, and divides! These new styles are the perfect way to mix it up whilst creating a naturalistic feature or statement floor.

‘Rugging’ has appeared at various styling shows this year such as the Ideal Home Show and Grand Designs Live 2018, where they discussed just how big this trend is going to be towards the end of 2018 and beyond. This is also the ideal way of ‘zoning off’ different areas of an open floor plan.

Multi-Sized Modular

What’s the fun in sticking to the same size tile? On the list of hot trends in 2018, the use of modular multi-sized layouts has to be up there. This can be a great way to create an interesting pattern without it being too flamboyant and can break up a traditional floor tile grid and inject extra personality into a space. This is increasingly popular with stone effect tiles!

All over Tiling!

We are so used to sticking to the norm when it comes to tiling and we stick to what we know – tile the floor, tile the walls, tile a splashback, tile a specific area; but what about tiling all over? Well, 2018 has been embracing this!

A seamless indoor-outdoor living theme has been prominent using this theme. By tiling all over and also outside, you can suggest a larger floor area that runs from inside to the garden. A seamless transaction is made all over, opening up the area and looking fabulous at the same time.

To the Dark Side

All over tiling isn’t just using lighter tones; in fact, it’s more popular with darker shades. This trend show that darker shades of grey, and even black, isn’t a colour scheme to be afraid of any more. It could be due to the luxurious and sophisticated feel that they present or could even be because they create an amazing contrast to lighter colours, however one things remains fact: utilising darker tiles creates a lavish aesthetic. Contrasting is especially important when aiming to create an arresting focal point.



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