Dark Tiles: How to Create an Elegant Bathroom

Dark Tiles: How to Create an Elegant Bathroom

When it comes to thinking of a colour scheme for your bathroom, most people would tend to choose a light, bright scheme to create a soothing, calm environment.


What if we told you that you can create a comfortable, cosy environment with a darker scheme, without making the room look cold and uninviting?


Well, that’s exactly what we are telling you, and here’s how you can create an elegant looking bathroom using dark tiles without losing the comfort factor that comes with a seemingly warmer, lighter colour scheme!


Dark Isn’t Always Cold

Darker tiles, especially black and dark grey can unintentionally give the room a cold atmosphere, but what if you could create a warmer feel with such “cold” colours?

Coupling these with tiles that are in an earthy shade such as brown can easily create a warmer feel to the room. Even matching your bathroom accessories to your darker colour theme can create a more welcoming and comfortable environment to relax in.


Let There Be Light!

Most bathrooms will have access to very little natural light, and rather than saturate your walls with lighter colours in order to force the room to feel brighter, using a darker colour can actually create a more natural atmosphere.

As the bathroom is a room in which a lot of people like to relax in, and a darker colour scheme is able to create a more intimate feel in the room without feeling too forced. If you still want some form of light, experiment with the placing of your lighting to complement and enhance the personal atmosphere created by the darker theme.


Keeping it Clean

It’s a well known fact that darker colours can hide dirt well, which makes the use of a darker colour scheme in your bathroom a practical choice, as well as an attractive one.

Now, we’re not saying that you shouldn’t clean your bathroom at all if you have a darker theme in your bathroom. Your tiles, surfaces and bathroom fixtures will still need to be cleaned regularly!


We simply mean that you don’t have to worry if you have guest coming over and don’t have time to clean the bathroom. You can easily get away with having a little bit of dirt as it’s harder to notice, but don’t throw away those cleaning products just yet!


Contemporary or Traditional

When it comes to the look and feel of your bathroom, most people generally lean one way or the other when it comes to contemporary or traditional design. Darker colours can help achieve both styles, especially when coupled with other colours such as white or grey.

Using your fixtures as the lighter components in your design allows you to keep the intimate, elegant atmosphere while creating a smooth contrast element in the room.


Dark Doesn’t Mean Black

The common misconception about a dark scheme is that it is all black based.


Fortunately, with the availability of a huge variety of tile shades, bathrooms can take on some very different darker themes that don’t include black at all.

From dark purple to midnight blue, there’s a dark shade to suit everyone, so don’t be afraid to experiment with other dark shades to create a more intimate feel to your bathroom.


Our selection of Porcelanosa tiles are an excellent starting point. With a huge range of different shades and designs to choose from, this range of tiles is a perfect balance of colour and nature to create a warm, attractive design in your room.


At Tile and Stone Online, we are passionate about all things tile, and love to see how our customers use our products to create different environments within their homes. We think that a darker colour schemed bathroom looks sophisticated as well as intimate, and we hope that we’ve inspired you to experiment with colour to enhance the atmosphere in your home.


We understand the importance of design in any room of your house, and we are able to provide you with the means to create an attractive, welcoming home. If you would like more information on any of our tiles, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our dedicated team members today by calling  01539 741 155.

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