Texture Transformation- Using Textured Tiles

Texture Transformation- Using Textured Tiles

Adding texture to any interior design element makes a room pop. It creates a fantastic three dimensional feel to the room and creates a big impact with very little effort.


Sometimes, it’s easy to forget about adding texture to your room, especially when trying to achieve a sleek, smooth, ultra modern design. This can leave a room feeling cold and bland, even if you have the brightest of colour schemes.


Join us as we look into how you can effectively use texture in your interior design. As leading suppliers of beautifully textured Villeroy and Boch tiles , we know just how important adding texture into your rooms can be.


Tactile and Visual Texture


Texture doesn’t always have to be the feel of a surface. There are two distinct types of texture; visual and tactile.


Tactile textures are able to be felt. Whether a surface is smooth, rough, soft or hard, this is a tactile texture. It can also lead into visual textures, as you can generally work out how a surface will feel by simply looking at it.



Visual texture is how a texture looks. It evokes feelings and opinions simply by looking at it. Even though we mentioned earlier that we can make assumptions regarding how we think a material will feel by looking at it, you can also create the feel of a specific material without actually having that material anywhere in your room.


For example, you may have a marble textured wall, which isn’t actually marble; it may just be visually textured to represent how marble looks.


All Surfaces Have a Texture


Every single surface has a texture, and each of these textures can be perceived differently depending on their placement in a room, or how they are integrated with the rest of the design. Lighting also has a huge influence on how we perceive textures, as a simple movement of a lighting source can make some textures look completely different.


If you are planning to experiment with textures, make sure that you think about how all the textures you are wanting to incorporate will work with each other and if they will in fact complement one another.



If you aren’t confident enough to experiment with colour, adding texture can create the perfect addition to your room; making the room feel a bit busier without being too overbearing and adding dimension to an otherwise flat feeling room.


Textured surfaces also create an eye catching feature in a room with minimal effort. They can add the perfect atmosphere to a room while also being an incredibly soothing feature to look at.


Warms Up Tiles


Tiles can often be mistaken for creating a cold, uninviting environment. The use of textured tiles adds a bit more life to your tiles, breaking the design up to make them more than just a plain coloured, boring addition to a room. Even though we love the sleek look of some modern tiles, adding textured tiles as a feature in your room creates a more inviting atmosphere.




We love textured tiles and we think that you will too. They are an exciting way to turn a boring, flat room design into a elegant dimensional space that all your guests will envy. Textured tiles can be installed in any room in your home, no matter if you want them on the walls of your kitchen or the floor of your bathroom, or maybe even as a feature in you hallway. The beauty of interior design is that it becomes what you make it. If you like the look and feel, go for it!


At Tile and Stone Online, we stock a wide variety of textured tiles to suit every need. We have our expert team on hand to help you choose the perfect tile for your project, and deal with any enquiries you may have. For more information on any of the tiles that we stock, contact us on 01539 741155 today.




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