Top Tips for Cosy Modern Kitchens

Top Tips for Cosy Modern Kitchens

Sometimes we struggle to create a cosy kitchen and, even in those homes that ooze comfort and warmth, the kitchen can be the odd room out – cold, clinical and a far cry from the heart of the home you wish it to be. Many people also believe that is can be difficult to create a cosy look without the room looking dated, but browsing porcelain wall tiles online can show you just how cosy and modern they can make it.


But, it is possible. It’s all about being able to strike the balance between cosiness and cleanliness, and we’ve created some top tips to show you exactly how it’s done. The kitchen should be a place filled with warmth, fun, creativity, joy, and comfort. These are exactly the qualities we have tried to incorporate so that you can use the following tips to style your very own cosy modern kitchen.


1. Choose Your Lighting Wisely


It’s surprising how much affect lighting can have on the ambience of a room. Some lights can leave a room looking dark and dreary, whereas others can create an unwanted clinical feel. To create a cosy modern kitchen, you should try lighting that you would usually use in the living room. A living room is always an area that’s cosy and somewhere you like to spend your evenings, so it’s natural the lighting is more inviting there.


Consider industrial factory pendants, delicate punched metal shades and beautifully glistening chandeliers in the kitchen instead, to create a more inviting space that feels cosy but still retains that modern edge. You could also try lighting that’s is low hanging, as this can create an intimate feel.


2. Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets


White cabinets are not the way to go if you want to create a cosy kitchen design. You should opt for painted cabinets and, when it comes to colour, you should choose between dark or pastel shades and work with that.


A dark colour like a blue-toned charcoal grey looks brilliant and is perfect for creating a cosy modern feel. However, if dark colours aren’t your favourite, you can opt for pastel shades to create a cosy, yet chic and modern look. We often find that bright colours can be overpowering, so pastel colours meet in the middle of the colour spectrum and thus they provide you with some brilliant shades to use in your cosy modern kitchen.


If you don’t like the idea of painted cabinets, you could easily make your current cabinets more modern and cosy by opting for tiles and choosing a contemporary sink and tap that will complement them. Why not try Porcelanosa wall tiles to keep a modern feel to the room? Porcelanosa tiles can also be used as kitchen splashbacks, helping to add interest and colour to the room, while still being easy to maintain.


3. Tile Your Kitchen Floor


There’s often a misconception that tiles can create a cold feel to your kitchen, but this certainly isn’t the case if you choose the correct design and pattern.
Try Grespania tiles on your kitchen floor to transform the kitchen into a cosy haven. Grespania tiles come in a wide variety of designs, so you will be able to find something to compliment your kitchen design. From wood planks that are both practical and durable to the extremely durable rectified glazed porcelain floor tile that comes with a metallic speckled textured surface, this brand will have a design you’ll love.


kitchen floor

4. Accessorise


Accessories within your kitchen will make or break the cosy modern design and feel. Why not try adding block letters and plaques to the kitchen? This way, you are incorporating wood, which will enhance the cosy theme, and these letters provide you with the opportunity to add a modern edge to your kitchen, too, via a phrase of your choice. You could choose a personal phrase that’s relatable to the whole family, for example.


Don’t forget the power of flowers. There is something extremely cosy and undeniably soothing about the addition of flowers to a room. They help create a relaxing and welcoming environment, and, most importantly, a cosy feel. The wonderful smells won’t be an issue, either!


If you want to add elements of detail to your room, try adding small things like a tea cosy and the use of candles. These small items make a big impact to the overall aesthetic of the room.


kitchen cosy2

5. Add Elements of Wood


Nothing says cosy and homely better than the addition of chunky wooden furniture into your kitchen design. Wood possesses a rustic and traditional vibe, which simply cannot be reflected in any other material. The great thing about wood is that it can look modern, too – it doesn’t need to be dated or vintage.


It’s also a material that brings actual warmth into the home and thus you can be guaranteed that the cosy factor in your kitchen will increase. You could consider incorporating wood via a wood worktop, open shelving or a wooden dining table.


You should also ensure any chairs for your dining table in the kitchen are considered cosy, so try and opt for seating that is plush and comfy. If your kitchen space isn’t large enough for an elaborate dining area, then why not consider adding a small coffee table with two cosy chairs, so there is somewhere to relax with a cup of tea whilst in the kitchen? Try placing warm chair covers on chairs, too, if you don’t want to invest in a whole new set of chairs.


kitchen cosy 3
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