Ways to Use Tiles Creatively In Your Home

Ways to Use Tiles Creatively In Your Home

Decorating your home can be an exciting yet stressful job. With so many designs and materials to choose from, how can you stick to one idea? There are numerous ways you can express your personality using tiles in your own home.


There are also so many different rooms you can get creative with, from the living room, to the kitchen, to the bathroom – here are some ideas of ways you can use tiles creatively in your home.

Tile flooring samples on display


Spice Up Your Bathroom Flooring


A smart way to spruce up your bathroom is by replacing outdated vinyl or laminate with tile flooring – this also adds value to your home. You can keep it simple with individual ceramic or porcelain tiles in grid pattern, or go custom and design your own flooring with a variety of shapes.

By using sheets of porcelain tile flooring, it can help speed up your installation, which can be a beneficial factor for those who are short on time or resources.


Used For Much More Than Just Flooring


You can use your creativity by using tiles for much more than flooring, such as tiling the bathtub or shower area. By covering the wall behind the tub area with tile, you’ll dramatically increase your bathrooms ability to keep water where it belongs. Travertine tiles are great for this use, as this material is durable and easy to install. Another benefit of this tile is they are also available in colours ranging from white to black, and everything in-between.


Create A Kitchen Backsplash


Kitchens never seem complete without a visually appealing backsplash, and this is a great way to get creative. You can add some intense colour with a variety of smaller tiles in mosaic pattern. No matter what colour or type of tiles you choose, a tile backsplash adds flair to your kitchen.


black ceramic modern kitchen design background


Why Not Spruce Up Your Corridor


Often, hallways remain empty pathways form one room to another, but instead of leaving corridors blank in your home, get creative and spruce them up with tile flooring. There are several options to use, but a great example would be patterned tiles, as they can easily take a hallway from a 0 to 10.


Turn It Into Artwork


This is for individuals who are not ready for permanent tile installation, instead, you can consider adding tile-based artwork to your home. Tiles are a natural fit for mosaics, which you can easily assemble and install virtually anywhere in your home. An idea could be adding colour with vertical mosaics, or make a bigger statement with a large circular mosaic in the living room.


When it comes to tile, there’s no limit to where or how much you can use it. You can start in the bathroom or kitchen, then begin to introduce this functional and attractive material creatively throughout your home.


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