How to Make a Space Look Bigger with Tiles

How to Make a Space Look Bigger with Tiles

When you have limited space in your home, you’re going to want to do everything possible to make the available space seem bigger. Whether you have a tiny kitchen or a small bathroom, there are plenty of ways you can use interior design to transform a space to make it look larger than it appears.

Tiles are one way this can be achieved. Floor and wall tiles can make all the difference to a space. When you utilise tiles in the right way, you can create the illusion of space, making you home feel bigger and better than ever. Here are some ways that you can choose tiles to make your space look bigger.

Large Format Tiles

Large tiles can fool the eye into thinking that a room is bigger than it is. This is because the large size removes the “business” from a room that can be caused by smaller tiles. Larger tiles have fewer grout lines, which can help make a space look more substantial as it removes the overwhelming look of the design. The more grout lines you have, the busier your floor or walls will look, making the space appear smaller. So for a bigger space, large tiles are the way to go.

At Tile and Stone, we have an extensive range of tiles, including large format tiles that can create an elegant and uncluttered finish to any room.

Large Format Tiles

Light Colours

Did you know the colour of your tiles can drastically impact how big or small the room looks? Paler shades of floor tiles will reflect light in the room from windows which will visually open up a space.

Darker tiles, on the other hand, will absorb the light and make the room feel smaller. With light coloured tiles like whites or creams, you will open up all the space thanks to the sheer amount of light that will be allowed into the space. Lighter colours also look less busy than dark colours, again helping the room to appear much larger than it actually is.

We have a fantastic range of tiles in a wide variety of colours for all needs, including white, cream, beige, grey and pastel colours that can help any room take advantage of the available light to make the space appear bigger.

Light Colour Tiles

Plain Tiles

Busy tiles make rooms look smaller. To enhance a space, you need tiles that don’t look busy, and look crisp and fresh and reflect plenty of light. That’s why overly patterned tiles are not a good idea if your goal is to create more space.

Highly patterned tiles dominate a space and visually increase how busy the room looks. So opt for a plainer or more subtly patterned tile for the room to avoid making the space feel cramped. Whether it’s completely plain tiles or tiles with very subtle, natural markings that don’t stand out too much, these kinds of tiles will help prevent your room from looking smaller.

At Tile and Stone, we offer a plethora of tiles in a vast range of patterns, including geometric shapes and plain tiles with natural, subtle markings. Browse our range to find a tile that will sit beautifully in the background of the room and not dominate the space.

Plain Tiles

Tile Configuration

Finally, you need to ensure that the way your tiles are laid are working towards trying to make the room appear as spacious as possible. The best layout for floor tiles is a standard grid or elongating diamond layout. This is because it helps reduce business, that can be caused by staggered patterns or overly complicated patterns. Keeping it as simple as possible is always the best solution for creating more space.

Lay rectangular tiles vertically down the length of a room to further trick the eye into seeing the space as more elongated. This is an excellent trick for tiny bathrooms and entryways.

Tile Configuration

Essentially, the best way to create more space in a room with tiles is to avoid business and maximise the amount of light available. At Tile and Stone, we have so many tiles available for you to choose from. We’re sure to have a light, large, plain tile available to suit your home and help create so much more space in your rooms.

Alternatively, if you prefer busy looks with dark colours and geometric patterns, we also have plenty of tiles that fit this requirement for both walls and floors. So if you’re looking for reliable online tile suppliers, contact Tile and Stone today.

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