How to Incorporate Floral Tiles in an Existing Décor

How to Incorporate Floral Tiles in an Existing Décor

When you already have a décor that you’re happy with in your home and that means something to you, it’s important that any additions to it can complement it and not clash with it. Floral tiles are not just beautiful, they’re also incredibly popular around the world and can create stunning floors and walls – the thing to keep in mind, then, is that you’ll have to make sure they can fit in with your existing interior design!


So, how can you do that and add the floral tiles you really want to add?


Balance Patterns

If you’re a tile aficionado, you might feel like going all out and decorate with the first pattern you fall in love with. Instead, try to find the right balance between what you already have and the tiles that you want to add. Floral tiles are, by definition, bright and colourful, so they’ll go fantastically well with more subdued tones.


They might clash against equally bright tiles or stone, for example, use porcelanosa floor tiles for a good balance, or blend in with them instead of popping out. Make sure that your floral tiles are not being combined with other similar motifs, then, to ensure a successful incorporation.


Use Floral Tiles as a Complement


More power to you if you’d like to have a whole wall brimming with floral patterns! However, most people are looking for something a little less loud, especially if they already have a décor they love and don’t want to change to fit in floral tiles. If you prefer to keep what you already have, opt to add floral tiles as backsplashes, murals and even bar tops.


These tiles can be the perfect addition to any home and interior design by complementing it more subtly than covering the floors with them. And the best thing is that tiles are easy to clean, which makes it perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. They’ll also add a summery feel to your home.



Use Them as Accent Walls


Even though we just said that floral tiles might be better as subtle compliments to the general décor, we weren’t including accent walls! An accent wall is a brilliant way to pop some colour into your interior design, especially if you opted for more neutral or plain colours or patterns. The burst of colours and brightness they offer will, no doubt, add a unique beauty to your décor – whether they’re 100% floral or even geometric/flowery.

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