Creating Different Dimensions within Your Home

Creating Different Dimensions within Your Home

Each person has an idea about what their ideal home looks like, whether that means they adore the appeal of a minimalist design or the aesthetics of a more vibrant palette. However, whichever way you sway on the interior design scale, there is one element that can be harnessed by every homeowner to make their house look incredible and that’s creating different dimensions.

When furnishing our homes, it can be easy to decide what you like based on each individual item, rather than thinking about how it will all tie together. However, the key to preventing your home from looking ‘flat’ and one-dimensional is considering how everything will tie together.

Whether it’s in the materials that you use or the colours that you dot around your home, there are a few different ways that you can breathe a bit of life into your interior to create a place that you love.

Experiment with Your Shades

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Using shades that are a stark contrast to one another will create an environment that highlights the beauty of the angles within a room. For instance, using a darker shade of floor tiles to wall tiles will make it clear where the floor starts and stops, preventing a room from having too much of one colour.


Use 3D Materials

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The most obvious way to incorporate layers into your home is by using materials that have texture to them. These Villeroy and Boch tiles enable you to create timeless features by contrasting colours, but also provide depth to a room.

You can also achieve this throughout your home by using blanket throws on your sofa, multiple pillows on your bed, and a feature rug on your floor.


Create Inventive Space Solutions

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Not everything in your home needs to touch the floor, and being inventive with how you devise space will create multiple layers to a room. This is beneficial because having a clear floor space will make a room look bigger, as well as high quality.

In order to achieve this style, you could install a floating sink or add a stylish piece of storage to a room that doubles as a decorative feature. For instance, ladder storage solutions are very on trend right now because they allow you to display delicate items while keeping them out of the way.

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