Contemporary Bedroom Ideas

Contemporary Bedroom Ideas

We spend more time in the bedroom than in any other part of the house; the average person sleeps for one-third of their life, after all! Transforming your bedroom into a beautiful, modern space can bring a lasting sense of luxury to your home.

Less Is More

With so much attractive furniture available, it can be tempting to add too many pieces to a single room. Instead, pare down to a few well-chosen items for an elegant, spacious atmosphere. Consider including hidden storage solutions, such as underbed storage or fitted closets, to keep everything streamlined.


Be Careful With Colour

A neutral palette never goes out of style. Stark black and white are classy and dynamic. Greys and browns are more calming, lending a peaceful feeling to a room. You can add personality and interest to a plain room by including a few items in an accent colour. Choosing removable accent pieces, such as cushions or lampshades, makes it easy to keep updating your look.


Hang Beautiful Art

Displaying artwork above the head of the bed creates the perfect focal point for a contemporary bedroom. Showcase your taste with a single large artwork or a set of matching prints for a truly unique room.


Awaken Your Senses

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary of comfort. Invest in high-quality bed linen to turn sleeping into a lavish experience and add luxury with an array of different materials. To highlight textures, try placing contrasting materials next to each other – like the cool, smooth sensation of a tiled floor paired with the enveloping cosiness of a deep pile rug.

Make It Timeless

While contemporary design always looks fresh, you don’t need to update your décor every six months to stay on trend! Invest time in choosing well-made pieces with refined design and you will be rewarded with a bedroom that will look sophisticated for years to come.


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