How to Add Character to Your Home With Tiles

How to Add Character to Your Home With Tiles

A home should always be a reflection of your own personality and style. Keeping up with the latest trends may look good, but trends can change quickly and be costly to maintain. Instead, give your home the reflection of who you are so that when guests enter, they know exactly what you’re all about.

Although tiles often get a bad reputation for clinical and cold aesthetics, they are far from it. Tiles can give any room the injection of warmth, colour and boldness that, over time, can fade from wallpaper and paint. They can achieve a signature look that can be as unique and personal as you choose to make it. In addition, they have many benefits over alternative decorative materials thanks to their durability and easy maintenance. We explore how to use tiles to achieve a style which can be individual to the tone of your home.

Add Depth With Bold Colours

If you like to think outside the box with bold and daring styles, there is no reason you cannot apply the same to your home. Our favourite colour for this style is the incredible blues that can often be found throughout our entire collection of Ca Pietra tiles. Offering so many variations of shades and patterns, you could use blue boldly in any room of the house.

Most people will contemplate adding blue tiles in the bathroom, and for a good reason. Their low maintenance and durability against humid environments provide the perfect aquatic feature. However, they can also offer a beautiful statement in the kitchen. Paler blues could add subtle definition to backsplashes and feature walls. However, a deeper shade like navy could add a bold pop of colour that would make a commanding style and, paired with dark wood worktops, could offer a beautiful modern contemporary appeal.

Wood Effect for Added Warmth

Wood can add a beautiful and warm addition to your home. However, for the average modern family, wood features, such as flooring, can quickly wear down without regular treatment and maintenance. Instead, you could consider using wood effect tiles. Offering the same visual appeal as wood, these tiles also provide the easy care that tiles feature. With various shades, you could incorporate them into both modern and traditional style rooms.

Installing a wood effect tile could raise the luxury and contemporary look in most home areas. While predominantly used throughout the ground floor, these tiles could add modern comfort to bedrooms and bathrooms. We often see homeowners using wooden effect tiles in bedrooms with the addition of rugs to section off a specific area of space, offering unique style and character to the aesthetic.

Patterns and Patchwork to Add Flair

Pattern tiles can often be considered a bit outdated regarding home décor. However, you could install a modern twist on a classic with the right pattern. For example, using traditional victorian floor tiles at the entrance to your property can provide a quaint and beautiful welcome to your home.

Alternatively, with black and white patchwork tiles, also found in our traditional victorian tiles range, you could create monochrome and contemporary townhouse style for your home. These designs can hold onto a classic approach to your décor without the feeling of a dated environment. In addition, thanks to their durability, these tiles can stand the test of time and will suit many styles as your tastes and tones change over the years.

Add Subtle Character With Tactile Tiles

Adding character doesn’t always have to mean bold patterns and bright colours. You can still add charm to your interior décor with subtle texture to your walls. Tiles are a great way to add depth and texture to your room without excessive in-your-face statement colours and patterns. Keeping to the same shades but offering a varied design to your style can provide a refined aesthetic to any space in your home.

This design is excellent for those who want to add a personality to their home without committing to bold prints. In addition, subtle textures can be versatile if you are accustomed to changing your preference. These could stand alone as a feature or can tie in colours from other walls or accessories. As Orginal Style stockists, we love this brand for its excellent selection of textured tiles in their brilliant range of mosaic tiles. They appeal to a varied balance of styles, and each adds a touch of elegance to your home.

Beautifully Bold, Patterned and Textured Mosaics

Every home is unique, and we celebrate this as an online tile supplier. Appealing to every homeowner means we can stock a varied mix of tiles to suit every inclination, even those with a niche palette. Although we love classical and traditional tiles, such as natural limestone, we can’t help but get excited when we are asked for something a bit more unique.

Our vast collections of mosaic tiles can offer the statement installation that will leave every guest with the WOW factor, especially with our Original Style Ares Mosaic tiles, as previously mentioned. These tiles are the epitome of luxury and opulence when featured in any room of the home. The glitter and shine they provide are nothing short of royalty and reflect natural light perfectly, making them ideal for modest spaces to maximise the space’s appearance.

Adding character to your home can be made easy with any of our tiles, but we understand that finding the right tile can be challenging. Unlike wallpaper or paint, tiles will last for many years, so finding the perfect one for your home is essential. For this reason, we offer free tile samples because whilst they may look good on screen, seeing them in person is critical to making the years of commitment these tiles deserve. Take a look through our extensive range to find a tile to take home and love today. We promise there will be one just right for you and your home.

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