Creating the Perfect Atmosphere with Colour Palettes

Interior Design - Green Room

Creating the Perfect Atmosphere with Colour Palettes

Whether you have bought a new home, or you just feel like sprucing things up a little bit, decorating is a great way to introduce or enhance a particular atmosphere in any room. One tool that can really create an atmosphere is the colour palette you use.


Take a look at our tips below about the different colours you can use to create the atmosphere you’re looking for.


Blue & Green

Blue and green shades are particularly popular colours to use in the home as they are so versatile. From light to dark shades, there are countless looks you can achieve with a blue or green colour palette.

If you’re looking to create a calming atmosphere, these colours are a great choice as they evoke relaxation and tranquillity. This makes them ideal to use in the bathroom or bedroom where you just want to unwind and relax.

For a stylish and modern touch, darker shades are the way to go and match perfectly with metallic features such as copper taps.

Interior Design - Green Room

Pink & Red

Pink and red hues make for a bold choice in interior design, but they can be incredibly effective when used well.

Pink can be a very warm and welcoming colour, and while many would advise you to use it sparingly, that needn’t always be the case. The right shade of pink could be an excellent choice for walls, teaming it with grey and white accents to create a relaxed environment.

Red, on the other hand, tends to be a more daring choice, but it can evoke an exciting atmosphere when used in the home. You can use it as an accent colour or be adventurous and use it more liberally!

Modern red kitchen

Yellow & Orange

Yellows and oranges can be used in so many different ways, evoking different emotions depending on the way you use them.

Particularly pale shades of yellow are often used in the home as a neutral colour for walls. However, brighter hues are becoming more popular in the home, often being paired with a monochromatic colour scheme to inject an exciting element into a design.

Orange can have a warm, playful feel to it, making it perfect for children’s bedrooms or playrooms. However, this isn’t to say that it can’t be used elsewhere in the home. One excellent way to incorporate it into any room is to use brickwork which offers a warm and welcoming feel.

Kitchen with Orange Brickwork


Monochromatic tones are possibly the most versatile of this list when using them in the home. The great thing is that black, grey and white can pair with any colour, giving you an excellent base to use any colour you want to use in your interior design.

However, you can use solely monochromatic tones to create a modern, stylish look that won’t go out of style.

 Monochrome Interior Design

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