How To Use Colour To Create A Vibrant Space

How To Use Colour To Create A Vibrant Space

Colour defines a room: it ties the style of a room together and can transform a space from boring to vibrant. Using colour to create a particular mood, theme or style is tricky, but with the correct know-how, it’s entirely possible. Below, we’ve put some tips together on how you can use colour to create a vibrant space in your kitchen and bathroom:

1. Create A Statement Wall

This is a good trick in both bathroom and kitchen spaces. If you’re apprehensive about transforming a full room into one colour, create a centrepiece and focus on one colourful wall. This can be done in the form of painting or tiling – and using tiles will help add an extra layer of texture to your space.


To create a vibrant space, you’ll want to use vibrant colours that evoke feelings of happiness, joy and laughter. Try tiling in shades of blue, green,red or yellow to add a splash of colour to the statement wall and perfectly bring vibrancy to the space.


2. Put Some Colour On The Floor

Flooring is a great way to use colour to bring a vibrant feel to a room. You can keep the rest of the space neutral and add pops of colour to the ground – one way to do this is to add a bright colourful rug in both your bathroom or kitchen area. Colourful sconces and geometric murals bounce off the brightness of your space and walls for a creative use of primary hues.


Alternatively, you could use ceramic bathroom tiles made in the UK to brighten up the flooring. Again, focus on those brighter block colours or bring in colours through a patterned tile that brings an extra layer of texture to the room.

3. Get Artsy

A colourful piece of art not only introduces shapes and colours into a room but also adds a decorative touch that brightens up an area. You could either choose pieces that have lots of colour in them or try framing more simple photos with bright frames and colourful mounts.

4. Add Wallpaper

Wallpaper is an easy and effective way to use colour to create a vibrant space. Wallpaper comes in an infinite set of beautiful colours and designs, so you’re spoilt for choice. Try using patterns, such as combing bold stripes in blues, greens, yellows and whites, to create a beautiful colour combination that helps reflect the natural light, creating a sophisticated and vibrant space.

5. A Colourful Backsplash

A vibrant kitchen backsplash will bring energy to the entire room, and there are lots of possibilities that you can choose from. You could install tiles featuring different colours and create a colourful mosaic, or choose a single vibrant colour you like and stick with that. You also have the option of playing with different patterns, too.

Modern orange kitchen

6. Colourful Accessories

Accessories are an effective and easy way to use colour to brighten your space. The possibilities are endless – you could try adding colourful plates and pots, tables, chair covers, cabinets and more. A great way to accessorise a kitchen space that has a small breakfast space or dining area is by including some bold-coloured chairs in shades such as turquoise, sunny yellow, green, red and so on. The same thing can be done with bar stools.


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