Tile Trends For 2022

Tile Trends For 2022

With 2021 drawing to a close, it’s time to take a look at the interior and home design trends that are beginning to gain traction as we move into the year ahead. As always, there are tiles out there to suit every style and taste, and you should never be afraid to lean into the designs that catch your eye and fit your home. If you’re a little stuck for inspiration, though, these emerging trends for contemporary bathroom and kitchen tile design could be vital in helping you craft a refreshing new space within your home. So, without further ado, here are our top tile trends for 2022.


Greens and Blues

The colour synonymous with nature, life, and renewal is becoming increasingly popular, particularly in bathrooms. The recent growth in popularity may have something to do with how versatile the colour is. Many shades of green offer different looks or styles, bringing a warm sophistication and a sense of indoor sanctuary.

Light green tiles like earth-grey sage bring a soothing and calm look to any bathroom – pairing beautifully with whites and neutral stone, introducing colour without being in your face or intrusive.

At the other end of the palette, vivid and rich jewel-like emerald green tiles like the Ca’Pietra wall tiles are perfect for creating a bold feature wall or splashback. Pair with rich gold, black or copper fixtures and fittings to pull the look together.

Shifting towards the cooler end of the colour spectrum, light and breezy coastal blues bring the hues of the ocean inside. Don’t be afraid to find a bright and energetic blue tile to use across both the floor and the walls; you can always use a cooling white grout to prevent the blue from overwhelming the room.



Moroccan and Earth Tones

Moroccan inspired tiles will fill your space with comforting warmth, often drawing inspiration from baked terracotta. Moroccan tiles are designed to look natural, handcrafted and imperfect; a fantastic choice for anyone who wants to introduce rustic charm and depth to any space.

Patterned Marrakech tiles are more versatile than you might think, pairing well with a range of different interior styles. Of course, Mediterranean influenced kitchens and bathrooms lend themselves to the Moroccan aesthetic, but these tiles are also becoming increasingly popular in contemporary design. Mix Marrakech inspired patterns with dusty turquoise and bright pinks will make a playful statement.

When we think of earthy tones, it’s natural to assume we’re talking about browns and beiges, but really, the name incorporates an extensive range of colours and finishes inspired by the natural hues of the outdoors. Our Porcelanosa tiles encapsulate this trend perfectly. Their range of earthen inspired floor and wall tiles spans from frosted white marble to deep, dark anthracite and everything in between.


Bold Patterns

Bold patterned tiles are becoming increasingly popular to add depth and character to a space that needs to be functional. It’s easy to transform a wall into a feature using wallpaper or paint, but high traffic areas or spaces that need to be waterproof will require a little more creativity to make them stand out. If you’re looking to enhance a particular part of your room or make a statement, bold patterned tiles are your friend.

Browse our Original Styles tiles collection for daring and unique designs. Many of the tiles in their Artworks collection are inspired by the art movements of history, from the renaissance to Art Nouveau, offering timeless elegance that won’t go out of fashion.



Traditionally made with flecks of marble chippings compressed into cement, terrazzo is a 16th-century Italian invention initially created to reuse offcuts of stone. However, the vintage design is making a big comeback – with traditional terrazzo and terrazzo inspired tiles rising in popularity.

If you’re hesitant to commit entirely to terrazzo which can be busy or appear hectic in the wrong space, try exploring ideas that incorporate subtle elements of the style in a more muted way. Our Ca’Pietra Statement Garda Terrazzo tiles are an excellent example of this; terrazzo influenced granular speckles give the tiles another level of intrigue without being overpowering.



While not strictly considered a type of tile, Japandi is an emerging interior design trend that you’ll need to know if you’re looking to embrace the style. Japandi combines the modern and minimalist flair of Scandinavian style with the functional elegance of Japanese interiors. If your taste leans towards sleek, straight lines, neutral palettes and natural materials, you’ll love this style.

Browse our range of Grespania tiles for beautiful yet durable floor and wall tiles that compliment the Japandi theme. Look for styles that mimic the imperfections of natural stone, rock and wood and work with a gentle monochrome of light and dark tiles to create understated but subtly exciting combinations. Japandi uses texture and material to create a visually soft space that celebrates natural influence.

We hope you enjoyed our look at tile trends for the year ahead. If you would like any information about the tile brands we’ve recommended today, please feel free to contact us today; we’ll be happy to help.


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