Bring Summer into Your Home: Summer Kitchen Tiles

Bring Summer into Your Home: Summer Kitchen Tiles

Believe it or not, it’s just over a month until summer begins again and the sun pays us a long-awaited visit. But that doesn’t mean the focus should just be on the outdoors; bring the sunshine inside ready for when you invite friends and family around to celebrate the season. But how can you achieve that summer interior?

Bright, glowing shades can give plenty of energy to a room, and reflect the weather outside. The kitchen is going to be the place to spend your time this season; so, unlock those patio doors and welcome the summer with open arms and a lively interior.

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Splash of Summer Colour

Super bright colours and shades will elevate your mood and reflect the kind of summer you are going to have; a cheerful and positive one. An eye-popping splash of colour can express a summer of love, and with bold, bright colours or statement areas, this room will become the place to spend your time through the sunny season. Eye-catching shades can bring a new lease of life to your interior and make a real design statement.

Start with a plain scheme to create a perfect blank canvas for adding an element of fun. If you’re not a fan of a white base, you could opt for an alternative, such as grey, which would accentuate bursts of colour equally well. Whether you’re adding a bright sky blue, a lemon yellow or a tangy fresh orange, bright tile shades will immediately boost the design impact.

If you don’t want to over-colour and overpower the room, limit the coloured tiles to a specific, smaller area of the room.

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Dining Space Spectacular!

You may be hosting several gatherings over the summer, and having the perfect summer kitchen enables guests to enjoy, mingle and eat in a definitive summer atmosphere.

But another key area to focus on this season is a stylishly designed outdoor area that doubles as a dining space. Extending your summer tiling outside of the house will create the ultimate area for people to get together and use the space to socialise, relax and spend quality time. Tiles don’t stop at the door, they can be a delightful-yet-separate feature for your patio, transforming it to the perfect hideaway for your summer barbeques.

Tiles can be used throughout your garden space; from a water fountain feature to a paved walk-way, or even a detached seating area in another area of the garden.

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Keep it Light and Bright

This tip isn’t just for the summer, as you want to optimise the amount of light that pours into your kitchen interior throughout the entirety of the year. But it’s probably more important during the sunny season as no-one wants to spend time in a darkly designed and dim kitchen when summer is busy flourishing outside. This can be achieved through skylights, bright white walls, as well as fresh tiles and countertops.

By keeping your interiors bright and breezy, you will feel the ideals of summer throughout your kitchen. So, let the

sun shine through the windows and embrace the season!

 fancy kitchen interior

Bring it Inside.

When nature is in full bloom outside, what better way to indulge in all its beauty than by bringing a bit of that natural summer inside? You could experiment with alternative kitchen tile designs, and bring some wooden aspects into the kitchen.

A light wooden floor could really complement the natural summer happening outside from the comfort of your own home. Other ways to incorporate this could be to use a tile that would typically be seen outdoors inside your home.

Use rich tones for wood, or incorporate natural slate, to really bring the feel of summer’s natural beauty into your kitchen interior.

Summer will be here before we know it, and as the temperatures rise, the outdoor activities increase and the chances of an al fresco gathering heighten, getting your kitchen summer-ready may make its way to the top of your to-do list.

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Whether you add a pop of colour, or get the patio paved, here at Kendal Tile and Stone we would love to help. If you would like to know any more about our range of products and how we can help transform your space, give us a call on 01539 741155; we would be more than happy to get your kitchen interior summer-party-ready.




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