Most Expensive Tiles

Most Expensive Tiles

How much do you love your tiles? Or rather, how much would you be willing to pay for the tiles that dreams are made of? Some people are willing to pay extraordinary sums of money for their tiles, so let’s see what the competition looks like: 


These are highly individualistic tiles that exist to augment your current wall or floor plans. An otherwise basic wall can be augmented by occasionally breaking the pattern with an opinion piece here or there. Alternatively, some might choose to divide their walls a little with a continuous row of such tiles.

Few would dare to cover an entire surface in tiles such as these, partially because of the cost, but also because of the rather loud nature of such intentionally distinctive art pieces. On the other hand, imagine the statement you could create with such a bold move.

If you’re a serious tile-enthusiast, you might enjoy using art tiles to record your memories. If you started collecting art tiles from every holiday destination you visited from now until your next renovation, what kind of bespoke wall might you be able to create? You’d also be safe in the knowledge that your creation would be entirely unique and personalised to your tastes in every way.



If you can’t reconcile you’re love for tiles and wood, then look no further. The answer is within a reasonable budget. If you were looking for pure wood flooring, however, you could end up splashing serious cash.

The most expensive wooden flooring often comes from rare trees. The limited source and high demand causes prices to rocket. It’s also important to source wooden flooring from sustainable forests in order to be kind to the Earth, but this practice also raises the price.

A more reasonable alternative to wooden floorings are wood-effect tiles. Wood is pourous, meaning it soaks up water in wet environments which can lead to rot, so it’s not good in bathroom areas. It also fades in sunlight, which wood effect tiles will not.

wood effect tiles


For similar reasons to the high price tag attached to statement tiles, a bespoke mosaic floor will also eat money like little else. The installation alone could cost upwards of £600 per sq/ft, never mind the question of which tiles and designs you want to be installed.

Mosaic tiles can create stunning effects; if you’re looking for a set of tiles that suggest indulgence without the price tags associated with some of the tiles discussed on this blog, head to the mosaics in our range of Grespania Tiles.


These are tiles that take the cake in every respect of luxury. The three main things that can drive  prices up are rarity, material, and, of course, the beauty of the design. Lux Touch tiles took those requirements as far as they could, causing them to cost a jaw-dropping $1,000,000 for every square meter.

LuxTouch tiles are, as the name implies, luxury embodied. They are refinement from start to finish; announced at the Monaco Yacht Show, LuxTouch tiles are constructed from diamonds, mother-of-pearl, abalone and black onyx.

Just in case the materials involved weren’t already inflating the price beyond belief, the creators, Pietra Firma, chose to limit installation of these tiles to a maximum of 5 projects to ensure their exclusivity.

The 1000 diamonds contained in each square metre are not flush with the rest of the tile. This decision was made with the intention of reminding purchasers that they are in touch with luxury in every step of the way, literally.




If you’re looking for a bit of luxury in your home, without the price tags associated with some of the tiles discussed here, then we recommend that you peruse our selection of Grespania tiles. We have a wide selection of tiles for floors and walls, with a great variety of colours, designs and sizes.

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