New Kitchen Trends Autumn 2017

New Kitchen Trends Autumn 2017

Autumn is always an exciting time for trends, from fashion to makeup and interior design. One of the most exciting rooms which is always keeping up to date with new styles is the kitchen, and with this being a key room in our day to day lives, we can’t help but take a peek at what’s in and what’s out.


Autumn brings in some fabulous colour schemes indoors and out. We see the autumn leaves fall to the ground and the fresh green hues of the grass come alive.


While we know what happens through the changing of the seasons outside, what’s happening inside, and even more importantly in our kitchens?




The Industrial Look


While industrial design is a staple style which has grown over the last couple of years, the trend becomes even stronger towards the end of 2017. An important characteristic of this style is the exposure of metals and brickwork, as well as the use of darker colours. Minimalistic furniture is also a key aspect to the industrial trend.


By making use of metallic accents through tiling and perhaps the odd accessory, you can get this superb look across efficiently.


This look combines the beauty of natural materials such as wood, stone and concrete with more smooth and engineered finishes. It’s all about repurposing and redefining designs, to echo style, form, function and aesthetic. Think rustic chic meets factory or warehouse.




Monochrome & Copper Accents


In relation to the industrial look, as we progress into Autumn 2017 the kitchen is going to see monochrome tones coming its way. We are anticipating a rise in popularity of greys, blacks, whites and general monochrome tones. These can all work in varying degrees, from the cabinet to the worktop, the tiles or even subtle hues through appliances or small accessories.


While black and white contrasts were huge in 2016 and into 2017, the demand for grey in all shades will be key.


In addition to grey and monochrome, copper will be a big must-have for the kitchen. Anything from copper coloured handles to accessories and appliances. People are turning to this as an alternative to stainless steel. Utilising copper can look super chic especially when contrasting against a natural white or even darker hue.


Avoid overly shiny copper accents and stick to a more classically aged brass – this way it will be timeless. Our range of Original Style kitchen tiles are ideal to strike just the right balance between subtle and statement.




Dark Green Hues


While the leaves outside may be turning from green to orange, our kitchens are going even more green. We are going to be seeing nature come into our kitchens like never before.


By combining these dark and rich greens with natural woods and the copper and metal accents, you can really easily create the perfect look for winter. It will not only create an inviting space but the small amount of brass, metal and cream will make the room pop, giving it some attitude.


Not only is a darker green hue going to be seen in everyone’s kitchens, but other darker shades will be too. Why not opt for a darker royal purple or even a deep and dark red?


Whatever colour you fancy, decide on a darker, deeper hue for this Autumn and you will be right on trend, whilst creating a timeless style for your home.





Statement Floor Tiles


While we never thought that bold tiles would make a full-on comeback in the kitchen, the day has come, and everything from a bold faux-floral tile to even the terracotta, Autumn 2017 is the beginning of no boundaries!


The classic terracotta tile has never really left, it was just hiding in the background waiting for its revival. By incorporating this classic tile, you can add instant warmth and character into your kitchen and create a cosy farmhouse feel.


For an alternative bold tile option, go for the patterned faux-floral tile. While it may seem like a wild option, when paired with a simpler interior design elsewhere it can create a super stylish and elegant space.


Whatever you do in your kitchen this season, why not choose a bold statement tile?




If you need any inspiration for your Autumn kitchen designs, here at Tile and Stone Online, we have plenty of on-trend kitchen tiles ready and waiting to turn your kitchen into what you’ve always dreamed it to be. After all, “You’ll Always Find Me in The Kitchen at Parties”


You can get in touch with our friendly team over the phone, email or through our online contact form. You can even request free tile samples so you can be sure that your chosen tiles will look perfect in your kitchen.


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