Keep Your Kitchen Organised in 6 Steps

Keep Your Kitchen Organised in 6 Steps

Remodelling your kitchen can be very challenging, we agree. But it’s totally worth it when you see the room exactly how you like it: a perfect layout – you got rid of that outdated worktop that everyone bumped into and incorporated those stylish tiles that you’ve been eyeing up for months…

But then, a new fear might arise: how are you going to keep the kitchen as pristine and organised as it was on the first day?

 Kitchen Herbs  

1. Easy to Clean Surfaces

Honey, strawberry jam, ketchup… without them our meals and snacks would be very sad. But they can also cause dreaded messes, if left upturned.

Instead of getting mad any single time something is spilled on your worktop, keep these products on surfaces that you can clean easily by just applying a bit of water, like a metal tray.


2. Hang items

When you have an abundance of tea towels and aprons in your kitchen, it can end up looking cluttered and messy. To avoid this, install hangers on your kitchen wall or hooks that hang from the ceiling. Just remember to put them at least two feet away from the oven – safety first!


3. Sort Objects by ‘Family’

Cooking can be quite stressful. The water is boiling, the timer is rushing you, the smell coming from the oven isn’t quite right… and your children are complaining because they want their food now. You will cook quicker when everything is sorted out in a logical order, that is, by ‘family’. Pans with pans, pots with pots, bowls with… yes, you got it. It might seem simple, yet it saves so much time. Besides, whenever you have to clean up at midnight after a big feast, you don’t even need to think where everything goes! 

Washing the Dishes


4. The Plastic Container Nightmare

Morning time: you’re getting ready for work and every second counts. You have the cucumber sandwiches ready, now you just need to put them in a plastic container. You open the drawer where you keep them, take one and… Wait, where is its top?

If you keep your plastic containers in a random order, covers will get mixed and disappear the moment you need them the most. To avoid unnecessary stress, divide the drawer in two: in one side you put the containers, in the other side, the tops and if you can arrange these in size and colour, even better.


5. Beautify Your Kitchen

Plastic containers, pans and similar tools can be kept in drawers, but that delicate china set that your mother brought you from Japan would look perfect in the glass front cabinet. Also, sorting your mugs and bowls by colour will give your kitchen an artistic feel. Yes, the kitchen is the place for your culinary messes, but that doesn’t mean it can’t look great!



6. Use The Hidden Space

You might think your kitchen is not big enough, so that layout you’ve been dreaming of is unrealistic. However, there are so many hidden spaces you can take advantage of! For instance, the space under the cupboards can be perfect for putting a dish-towel rod or installing some lights that will make cooking easier.


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