Creating the Perfect Winter Bedroom

Creating the Perfect Winter Bedroom

Giving your home a winter makeover is fun; you can easily transform your house and give it a seasonal feel without spending too much. Having your bedroom feel relaxing and peaceful is important, especially since during winter you spend more in your bed cuddling your hot water bottle.

You can change up a few things in your bedroom to make it feel winter ready!


Dial Up the Cosiness

A cosy bedroom is great to be in all year around, particularly in the winter. With the colder weather and the constant raining, having a room that feels just right is important. Accessories are your friend here, as they will let you change up your room as you want!
If you’ve always had just a couple of pillows, you can get a few more to make your bed look more comfortable. Be sure to place a few throws on top of your duvet for an extra touch. And a nice, fuzzy rug is always great to make sure you don’t place your feet on the cold floor every morning.


Summer is Over, Put It Away!

There is always the feeling of ‘what if I need it?’ but with how much colder winter typically is, you most likely won’t need your t-shirt collection to be in your closet. Make sure to put everything summer related away, as it will only take space and remind you of warmer days that are likely to still be a few months away.

Deck the Walls

Any Christmas lover will be anxious to start decorating the entire house as soon as possible. While November is probably the more acceptable to start adding Christmas decoration around the house you can, of course, decorate your room whenever you want and place Santas, reindeers, and Christmas lights to your heart’s content.

If you would rather contain the Christmas decoration and not go all out, you can buy decorations like candles, mirrors, and winter specific objects in warm colours. Candles can provide a wonderful winter feeling with a multitude of scents to choose from. And why not change up your tiles for some winter browns or dark reds? It can make your room look and feel completely different!


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