Unique Ways to Use Porcelain Wall Tiles in the Home

Unique Ways to Use Porcelain Wall Tiles in the Home

When it comes to porcelain wall tiles, we tend to think of a very utilitarian style; it’s just an item that keeps things easy to clean. However, a tile can be much more than that. When you put your mind to it, the humble wall tile can be used to create a unique space which only your home presents. Who said you must stick to the norm?



Mix and Match

When it comes to wall tiles, you don’t have to stick with one colour and one size. There have been many interior design projects over the years which have pushed boundaries and broken rules to create a unique décor. Sure, you can go for a straight-forward pattern, but what about mixing and matching colours, styles, and patterns? It can work well and creates a quirky and chic look in the home – and even in commercial spaces! You could horizontally or vertically change design, use blocks of colour and styles, or create motifs with your porcelain wall tiles.



Porcelain mix mnatched wall tiles and worktop



Mixing and matching your wall tiles can be great; however, by completely ignoring all design rules and going ‘random’ with your arrangement, you can produce an even more stunningoutcome. If the rest of your room’s décor is basic and works around a plain colour scheme such as cream, then a more flamboyant and random tile arrangement can create a centrepiece for your room. Using vibrant tiles such as the Marrakech porcelain tile can work well for this.



Marrakech porcelain wall tile


Tile it All!

Tiles aren’t just for floors or walls separately. Why not create an ultra-modern look by tiling everything? Tiling all the walls and floors can surprisingly make the space feel much more open and airy. With this design option you could try to avoid too many ‘quirky’ tile designs and stick to a more contemporary and simple one.


By opting for tiling everything in a room you can create a super futuristic look which will put you ahead of any trend.



Fully tiled room with sleek monochrome porcelain wall tiles


Feature Area



A feature wall always works well when it comes to incorporating wall tiles into your room’s décor. However, by choosing a specific area to focus on, you can make an even more eye-catching space. If you have a chimney breast, why not tile this in an unusual mix-matched pattern? A fireplace could also work well. A wall which is perhaps a dedication to family photos could be also accentuated by a classic, elegant tile backdrop. Get creative with this and you could make tiling a feature area worth your while. Who needs a headboard when you could create one with porcelain wall tiles?



Modern bedroom with window, chest of drawer and big olive tree, concrete wall, minimalist interior design



Divide and Conquer

Dividing walls for your tile design can provide a chic yet unique design. The ‘conventional’ way to do this is to split the wall into two and tile the bottom part, which is a style statement alone; however, by getting creative with this design decision and thinking outside the box, your space can be even more unique. What about tiling the top part with a simple porcelain tile and wallpapering the bottom with a funky pattern? How about splitting the wall vertically and creating a reading corner against an unusually-tiled area? Contrast is key when dividing wall space so keep this in mind.



Living room with a cornered wall tile area


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