Make Your Bathroom Bigger

Make Your Bathroom Bigger

If your bathroom feels cramped and dated, but you can’t afford to remodel it completely, there are some simple and effective design fixes that will help you to streamline the space and open it up visually so it appears bigger.


Let in the Light

Take down any blinds or curtains and use frosted glass (or window film) to allow light to flood into your bathroom. This is the easiest way to open up a small space. Paint walls white or use pale neutrals that suit your suite and décor. Using a number of mirrors is a clever way to make the most of the natural light you do have, particularly if the window is small. And a full-length mirror can look fabulous in any bathroom: the bolder the better.

Modern bathroom interior.

Go Minimal

Vanity units can be excellent for storage space in smaller bathrooms but they can often crowd the space. Ensure yours has open shelving to draw the eye to the wall beyond. Or go completely minimal and opt for a simple but gorgeous pedestal sink instead. Making sure shampoos and toiletries are stowed neatly away is another trick to maximising space – nothing says ‘cramped for space’ like a cluttered bath or sink.


Use Glass

If you have a shower screen, make sure it’s plain, clear glass. This will remove the artificial barrier created by frosted or patterned glass and allow the eye to see uninterrupted space.

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Be Clever with Tiling

The most luxurious bathrooms are often clad in the same tile for floors and walls. Pick a large, rectangular tile – the numerous grout lines of mosaics visually chop up the space and make it look smaller – and take it up to the ceiling and across the floor. Choose a pale neutral that mimics natural stone, and you’ll have a bathroom that not only feels bigger, but has real designer chic.


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