Combining Patterned and Plain Tiles

Combining Patterned and Plain Tiles

Suitable for all parts of your home and garden, tiles are a durable surface covering that is easy to clean, ensuring they always look their best. Incredibly versatile, tiles can be found in a myriad of colours, tones, textures, and patterns along with multiple shapes and sizes. This exceptional variety on offer alongside the practical properties of tiles means that in terms of interior design, their potential is virtually unlimited.

While some homeowners may prefer a seamless and subtle approach to tiling around their properties with tiles of a common colour or surface sheen, those seeking a unique style or to create an impact in specific areas can try mixing and matching a combination of different tile types. In the next sections, we’ll explore the different uses and effects that can be conjured when you combine plain and patterned tiles in the rooms around your house while offering a few tips on style that may come in useful.

Tiles in a KitchenBalancing Out Busy Patterns

Playing with scale can help you balance tiles with busy patterns that you want to use on walls. Large areas covered in complicated patterns can make your eyes feel funny, but you can avoid such a mishap by sticking to smaller tiles that are patterned combined with larger tiles that are plain. Sometimes referred to as “statement tiles”, smaller incarnations of these patterned tiles can create a better sense of balance on bathroom walls or tiled areas around your kitchen space.

You can successfully combine up to three sizes of tiles, including those with a pattern and still keep your style subtle by picking products that all share the same tone or colour palette. Selecting a monochrome look will keep your style cohesive regardless of the shapes, sizes or patterns included in your tile work and make for harmonious environments.

Limiting Your Use of Pattern

When creating a feature in your living spaces using contrasting tiles, it’s important to restrict your usage to either a floor or wall. Establishing a feature on both major surfaces can spoil the overall impact of your idea as the two areas will compete and detract from each other’s emphasis.

Pick your key focal point and ensure all other tiles present support how you showcase it but never come close to stealing centre stage. Leading manufacturer Ca Pietra produces an extensive selection of patterned tiles in diverse shapes from hexagons to teardrops and in bold, bright colours or subtle shades to suit all tastes. 

Understanding How Natural Stone Tiles Work

Ceramic and porcelain tiles with a feel of natural stone can add warmth and style to the rooms of your home and are also an excellent combination with patterned tiling. The best policy when using these stone tiles in such a partnership is to treat them as a neutral that your patterned tiles can pop against.

Tiles in the most natural shades of stone like warm and cool greys can add plenty of interest from their inherent texture without competing with your feature tiles.

Using patterned tiles alongside plain natural stone can be employed to powerful effect in flooring when you wish to separate open plan areas into dedicated space. Placing where you dine on a pattered section of flooring using eye-catching Marrakech style tiles, for example, can create a focus, while using this method to tile your kitchen area can keep it separate from nearby living spaces.

Floor TilesTile Colour and Surface Finish

When undertaking a tiling project, always remember your colour charts and pick hues that contrast with each other when your aim is to create a dynamic splashback in the bathroom or kitchen. You can always order samples to make sure the colours you choose really sing when sealed in place alongside each other.

Remember that colours tend to fall into warm and cool tones, and picking tiles from each category can be a quick way to ensure your tiles make an impression on your walls or floor.

Alternatively, just like your use of patterns, limiting the colour palette of your tiling can create a more elegant look in your room without looking out of place.

Patterned and plain tiles can be readily found in an extensive array of finishes, from matte to glossy. These different surfaces can also amp your selection or make it gentler, depending on your preference and the look and feel you seek to create.

To sum up, whether you’re creating a standout kitchen splashback, a focal wall where you wash, or a unique flooring solution for your studio, the placement of patterned tiles adjacent to plain tiles can be ideal. Browse our broad selection of ceramic floor tiles, along with options for your kitchen and bathroom, on our website or get in touch for expert advice for your next tiling project today.

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