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These colourful Original Style kitchen tiles bring warmth and vibrancy to a kitchen. Original style has their own specialised splashback range, but there’s nothing to stop you from opting for a mosaic of their range of glassworks wall tiles instead of their official splashbacks!

The Benefits of Original Style Glassworks

Glasswork tiles are beautifully finished, smooth glass tiles that are especially well recommended for smaller kitchens. Their reflective surfaces are perfect for bouncing light, which will help to illuminate a space and stop a smaller kitchen from appearing dark and dingy.
Glasswork tiles smooth finishes also ensure that they are incredibly easy to clean – perfect for a splashback. More than just functional though, these Original Style kitchen tiles are available in a range of colours, shapes, and styles – it’s assured that these tiles will bring a sense of elegance to your kitchen.

The Benefits of Original Style Splashbacks

Original Style also create large panel splashbacks for kitchens. These are especially well crafted, and they consider the functionality of the kitchen splashback. Often, the most difficult aspect of splashback cleaning is the grout, but a large panel glass splashback ensures that no time is wasted on grouting – a quick and simple swipe of your cleaning equipment across this smooth glass panel will save you time, all whilst bringing warmth and colour to your kitchen.
Original Style tiles stay true to its name and assures you that implementing their tiles into your interior design plans will bring a trendy atmosphere to your kitchen space. Whether you’re looking to tile your windowsills, install a splashback or create a feature wall – we can help you to better understand how our Original Style kitchen tiles range can cater to your requests. Speak to a member of our friendly team for more information regarding our services and products.