Give Your Bathroom a Summer Look

Give Your Bathroom a Summer Look

Summer is a time for bright colours, to give your house a fresh, airy look. Why should your bathroom be any different? After all, you do spend a lot of time in there, so having that perfect, peaceful bathroom is very important. We’ve already given you tips on how to redesign your bathroom, and we know that the warm weather is great for painting a room. How about adding some beautiful tiles, to give it a pop of colour that goes well with any theme? Dark colours in bathrooms look elegant, but if you have children, or are still very much a child at heart, a themed bathroom is perfect for you.


Sea the Blue!

What screams summer more than the sea? Using several tones of blue, you can paint your bathroom to remind you of an island, adding a few touches of sea life decorations. And if you want to add sophistication to your bathroom, why not add tiles on one wall, to simulate a waterfall? A combination of blue and grey colours will add the intricate colours of water, and what better for a glossy finish than porcelain?


Plant a Garden

Plants can be the heart and soul of the house, and they look especially summer-y in a bathroom, where you can have your own tropical garden indoors. Combine it with beautiful wooden countertops, and you have a natural looking bathroom. Naturally, stone will add the last touch to a relaxing environment? A brown, natural stone floor will give your bathroom the extra push it needs to turn it into a tropical garden.


Say Yes To Nautical

If you love to sail the seas, as much as you love to swim in them, why not go for a nautical theme? You can easily turn your bathroom into a boat with wooden-effect, porcelain tiles. Add white towels for a sail-inspired look, and a few wicker baskets as decoration to complete your bathroom. A ship wheel and a ship model will also look fantastic! Renovating any part of your house can be stressful, and here at Tile and Stone Online we want to make sure this process is easy and worry-free for you, so you can enjoy your home with your loved ones. If you want to start planning for a new, summer looking bathroom, feel free to give us a shout on 01539 741155. You can also contact us through Facebook or Twitter, where we make sure to keep you updated with our news and products.

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