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Original Style Wall Tiles Collection

This is a brand that creates, sources and sells luxury tiles in a range of formats. Original Style wall tiles consist of high-quality tiles made from various materials including glass, porcelain or stone.

Original Style Tileworks

The tileworks selection of Original Style wall tiles features their collection of contemporary style tiles. Anything you find in this section will reflect current interior design trends in porcelain and ceramic mediums for floors and walls. For 2019, you can expect to see lots of comforting pale, earthy colours.

Original Style Artworks

The Artworks collection features Original Style wall tiles in the most unique patterns and designs. Rather than being bogged down by trends, the Original Style Artworks aim for a timeless beauty that will keep up appearances for years to come. Tiles from the Artworks collection are often inspired by art movements or historical periods, such as Renaissance, Regency, Victorian, Art Deco and Art Nouveau. Be inspired by Original Style Artworks wall tiles.

Original Style Earthworks

The Earthworks tiles focus on all that is natural – especially natural stone tiles, including travertine and limestone. For that natural touch which evokes a homely vibe, you can’t go wrong with natural stone Original Style wall tiles.

Original Style Mosaics

An age-old practice harking back to Classical civilisations, mosaic tiles continue to be a symbol of luxury and prestige. As well as being renowned for their beauty, mosaic tiles are also incredibly practical, as they are easily applicable to curved or uneven surfaces where traditional tiles would buckle or snap. Mosaics are especially suitable for bathrooms and flashy kitchen splashbacks. Browse our range of mosaic Original Style wall tiles today.

Original Style Glassworks

If you’re looking for class, then you should be considering glass. Original Style’s glasswork tiles are available in a plethora of colours, but all are adorned with beautiful finishes. Including glossy and frosted finishes, glasswork tiles can be bevelled or smooth, brick or hexagonal; you will be spoilt for choice when you decide to renovate your home with these amazing wall tiles.

Original Style are very selective about the retailers with whom they share their tiles, so we at Tile and Stone Online are proud to be one of the prestigious few to convey their deep enthusiasm and passion for the industry. What Original Style want is to give their customers the ultimate wall tile experience, from the creation of the tile to its sale in one of their trusted stores. When you buy Original Style wall tiles from us, you can trust that you will be receiving the best that the tile industry has to offer, from start to finish.

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