Get the Scandinavian Look

Get the Scandinavian Look

Typically, the Scandinavian look in tiling is a ceramic reimagining of a natural stone found in Scandinavian regions. This natural stone is a traditional feature of the classical architecture of countries in Northern Europe, and today it is a look that is becoming very popular among interior designers. Tile and Stone Online offers a collection of approaches to this style for customers to bring this sophisticated, elegant minimalism to their property.


Tile collections with the Scandinavian look have an aura of the fascination that is so prominent in the countries of the Nordic region that inspire them. There is a grace to the minimalistic approach of the Scandinavian style, which evokes the graphical equilibrium and delicate natural colours inherent in the classical design.


Subtle Scatterings of Colour

Expect a range from bright to darker hues, with frosty grey tones through to a warmer beige or brown nuance. Light will reflect in a way that is suggestive of the breathtaking natural landscapes that inspire the whole style.

Nordic landscapes arouse powerful emotional responses, and it is these that fuel and inspire the Scandinavian look collections. The ceramics of the tiles will be combined with the charming natural stones native to regions of Northern Europe for authenticity. These stones would have been used for the architecture designed and constructed for Swedish royalty; Sweden being a Scandinavian country characterised by rich archaeological material and stunning natural scenery.


Ancient Beauty

The Scandinavian look is about an untamed wilderness, glistening ocean, glorious beaches, rocky highlands, windmills scattered over sweeping grasslands, and echoes of a history that is truly ancient. Such are the features of the Nordic lands that are known as one of the world’s richest natural beauties.

fancy interior of a scandinavian kitchen

The word ‘Nordic’, or ‘Nordik’, refers to the traditional living styles of Sweden and Scandinavia as a whole. The look these regions inspire for interior design is aligned with the most up-to-the-minute trends of the industry. The Tile and Stone Online options for the Scandinavian look are the ideal design choice to meet even the most challenging style requirements in properties for both public and residential purposes.

If the Scandinavian look sounds like your thing, contact us for more info! Our team is always happy to help.

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