Highlight Your Garden’s Best Bits with Tiles and Mosaics

Highlight Your Garden’s Best Bits with Tiles and Mosaics

Tiles can be a stylish addition to any kitchen or bathroom, but these clean and classy interior designs don’t have to stop at the back door. Intricate tiling and mosaic motifs can be a delightful feature to garden and patio areas, which can be transformed into a seating area or a space for your summer barbeques.


Plant on tiled Mexican veranda


Whether you want to achieve a natural look using neutral colours that complement the landscape, or would prefer to create a striking mosaic as a feature of your garden, here at Tile and Stone Online, we have a wide range of designs and colours for your exterior design plans.

Adorn Features and Fountains

If you take pride in your garden, laying tiles down to provide a walkway would be a good way of highlighting the different features. Perhaps you could pave around bedding plants, trees, or outlining a pond if you have one.

If your plants are raised in a stone bed, then adorning the outer wall with neat marble-look or granite style tiles would keep your garden looking trim and tidy. Alternatively, you could really make them stand out by fitting small mosaic tiles for a more intricate look.

Mosaic tiles also complement water features and fountains, providing an exotic look that is sure to make a statement and bring a new lease of life to your garden!


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Install a Separate Seating Area.

Tiling a section of your back garden to accommodate a seating area could prove to be an investment– not only in increasing the value of your property, but also an investment of your time.

Sitting outdoors is a real treat during the summer, when nights are warm enough to enjoy meals outside, and with the addition of a heater or a chimenea, makes cooler evenings a fun and novel way to socialise with friends.

Pave for Convenience.

It may be the case that you need to make your garden more accessible, especially considering the amount of rain we see, here in Britain! Sometimes you can’t make full use of your garden because it’s simply too damp, so having a tiled area built around or through your garden is a great way to appreciate the outdoors without treading mud back into the house.

Similarly, if you have a shed or cabin at the end of your garden, then for more convenience you could install a pathway or stepping stones that lead you from door to door.


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So if you’d prefer a more ornate look, you might find designs from our rustic heritage range to your taste, or, for a more modern look choose from our Porcelanosa floor tiles. Whatever your preference,Tile and Stone Online offer a range of styles, colours and materials to suit your paving plans. Browse our selection online or for any enquiries feel free to contact us on 01539 741155. Alternatively, visit our Twitter and Facebook pages for further information.

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