Great Uses for Tiles

Great Uses for Tiles

Have you seen beautiful tiles you would love to incorporate with your home decoration but aren’t sure how? We’ve given you a few tips on how to reuse old tiles in your home, but you can also get those new tiles you’ve been eyeing for weeks and use them in various ways to enhance your home.


You don’t always need to renovate your floor or wall to give your decor a breath of fresh air. If you are simply looking for that extra detail you know is missing, we have a few suggestions for you!


Frame Your Mirror

Having mirrors throughout the house isn’t just good to check that you’re still looking great; they can add another stylish layer to your house. Decorating mirrors transforms them from a possibly simple looking piece into a real show-stopper.

A colourful, good quality tile can be placed around the edges of a mirror to complement the existing decor of the room. Why not give your mirror a delicate, beautiful makeover with a stylish design?

Tile Your Tabletop

Old tables don’t have to be thrown away once their design has run its time; you can personalise them with tiles to give them a new look. If you have a theme in mind, then one colour might be enough for the entire tabletop.

You can mix and match tiles to create your own unique pattern. If your table catches the sun, a shiny, blue mosaic tile will glow in your room and create a piece everyone will ask you about! It will be easy to clean and to maintain, perfect for your busy schedule.


Renovate Your Plant Pots

As you know, your garden can look lovely with tiles, and plant pots are no different. If you’ve purchased nice, sturdy plant pots you love, but unfortunately don’t look as pretty as you would like, then they might be in need of a tile redecoration.

You can buy tiles that go perfectly with your recently paved garden, or get tiles to contrast with the background and make your plants pop and shine in the sun. Simply add the tiles to the sides of your plant pots to transform them into new, stylish ones!


At Tile and Stone Online we make sure our tiles are high-quality so they last a long time in your home – wherever and however you use them. Our team of experts are always happy to help, so if you have any questions contact us on 01539 741155. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter and keep updated with our news and products.

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