The Ultimate Tile Decision: Patterned or Plain?

The Ultimate Tile Decision: Patterned or Plain?

Before you even start narrowing down the list of potential tiles down to actual colours or brands, you’re faced with an ultimate decision which could change everything – will you opt for patterned or plain? You may think that the answer is all down to personal taste – and a lot of it is – however it’s also really important to consider how much this choice will actually affect the ambiance and style of the room as a whole.


Looking to Open Up a Small Room? Plain!


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For a small kitchen or bathroom, plain tiles should probably be your go to option because they’re going to add depth to the room and open up the space far more than a busy, patterned tile might. In fact, although a fun pattern may be interesting for the eye, in a smaller room it can be quite a risky option as you can all too easily find that the result is to make the room feel cluttered and even smaller.

One exception may be if you choose to have the pattern of the tiles act as the only statement feature in the room, and stay very neutral with the furniture. In this case, the lack of competing features will help to stop the room from becoming overwhelmed.


Looking to Add Some Personality? Patterned!


If you want tiles that help you to fill the room with a little more life and personality, then you should definitely consider taking a look at the wide range of patterned options that are now available. You can choose to go all out with a pattern that embraces many different colours or shapes, but you can also find many patterned tiles which are far subtler – meaning that how far you go is entirely down to your own preference.

Don’t forget that another way to choose pattern is with a mosaic, and a collection such as the Opulence range will add variety to your walls or floor while still ensuring overall cohesion.


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Looking for Something Completely Different? Mix and Match!


Perhaps we still haven’t managed to convince you either way, and if that’s the case then there’s only one thing for it – you’ll have to mix and match. If you think that too many patterned tiles will crowd the space, but still would like to incorporate them in some way then you should consider choosing a small section of space, such as a border, to cover with lovely patterned tiles while the rest of the space is filled with a plain option. Perfect!

Just remember that plain doesn’t mean bland, and sometimes it’s the single colour options that can add the most warmth and atmosphere to a room. Take a look at our Villeroy and Boch tiles for a fantastic example of a range which offers simple colours with a sumptuous effect. To find out more about these, or any of our other tile collections, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, whether online or at 01539 741155. You can also join up with us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest news and style tips.

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